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    How much do you guys tip on long range boats? I usually tip individually based on each deckhands performance. Just curious if I am a cheap ass or not. Cheers! Jason
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    I have only been on two trips--both on the Big E. On the 52-hour, I tipped up a hundred. On the 76 hour, I coughed up a buck fifty. So pretty much what PurEvl said--15 percent. As good a job as those kids did, though I am feeling that was a little on the low side.

    I also threw in a few extra individual bucks for the guys who helped me by toting the POS Milk Crate to the upper deck, and Louis (drifter) and I gave a few bucks to one of the deck hands who was catching bait the night before and told him--when you are ready to quit, stay an extra half hour. Good men all of them--and the ladies who run the office--super.


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    70 if i sleep alot, 100 if i fish alot
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    depends on the longrange trip 10 to 20 percent of the total price of the trip. if they go above and beyond like catching bait and making sure that the live flyer gets on your rod then you should do more. you will see that on some trips it seems as if some individuals have their own private deckhand. there is a reason they work their tales off for that individual and it has to do with that persons attitude towards the deckhands and likely how wide his or her wallet opens up before and after the trip. pretipping can you get some preferencial treatment if they know there is more coming at the end of the trip. why ruin a chance to have a great fishing experience by not receiving the great services that others are tipping for. let the moths fly out of your wallet and enjoy your trip.....rick
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    I worked the boats in San Diego of over eight years during my youth and never had anyone approach me or any other crew member with a pre-tip offer.
    During my 5 day on the Angler this year Capt. Sammy brought the tipping subject up on our way out. He said, if you feel you have been treated well on the boat by the crew and the cooks. The standard tip was 15% of the trip price. If you feel you were treated exceptionally well then it was up to you how much above the 15% you wanted to tip.
    I can't speak for everyone on the trip but the five guys I was with including myself, tipped above the 15%. The crew/cooks deserved it. When the fishing was hot the cooks got out to gaff fish, tag fish and help with the tangles. The crew was very helpful too the other anglers that needed help in following there line getting out backlashes, etc. When you have a crew that works like a well-oiled machine it just make the fishing more enjoyable for everyone.
    My .02....
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    I've done years of 48, 60 and 80 hr party boat and charter trips out of Port A (and now 2 out of Freeport) and 5-17 day trips on the SD long range fleet and believe 15% is the mark. I tip extra for extra effort or better results. I sometimes pay bonus $ for help getting gear onto/off the boat, first-pass chin-gaffs (as opposed to a 2d or 3d pass gaff or a loin-gaff) Sometimes in Port A, I've tipped more than it was worth, in hopes of getting their attention because I planned to fish the boat again; and, I believe it has paid off. I believe it helps to do some pre-tipping and to drop some hints as to some of the help I'd like to have: info, rigging suggestions, quick icing of good fish, primo baits and a thoughtful eye on my gear (esp during deck swabbing on the way back) when I was otherwise occupied.

    I figure that if I can't afford a good tip, I really shouldn't make the trip.
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    One way to look at it is this: On our last trip somebody talked to one of the hands he knew and it was reported (with no reason to doubt it was true) that the amount they got total in tips, when divided up equally, came out to about 8 bucks an hour--on and off duty true--buy Holy Crap, Batman--worthless old Uncle Russ could haul his sorry old falling-apart ass over to Wal Mart and make about that much as a greeter:

    "Hey you fat old *****! Your broad ass, together with your shopping cart and eight kids are blocking an entire 30-foot aisle."

    (Of course, that would be before I had proper training.) :eek:

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    I have a really amatuer question as I have only worked on 6 pack charter boats and never even been on a head boat before. Who do you give the tip to? As a mate, most of the time one guy handed me my tip that he collected from the group. Usually it was the trip organizer and guy that put down the deposit.

    But, if there are several mates, who do you hand the tip to? I always mated alone, so there was never this question.
  10. lite-liner

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    first mate usually passes the tip jar on the trips I've been on, but sometimes it's initiated by the anglers, too.
    The tip is a very personal thing to me. if you've got a hand that sticks w/ you and meets all of your requests ,personally, he gets my tip.
    hope this helps
    tight lines
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    I worked on party boats in Maryland for many years and still do periodically when I'm not at my other job. Tipping is always a very big issue. It always seems that the people you help the most give you a crappy tip and the old pros that need no real help give you a great tip. Oh well. Anyway, we always passed the jar as a group and we split the money evenly. Even if I get a side tip from somebody, it goes into the group jar. We always appreciate a nice side tip, but for the sake of peace among the mates we make everything equal.
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    Have always tipped 20% if I was happy. If I had a reason to tip less (only once) I brought it up with the captain so we were all on the same page. I do not tip based on results I tip based on effort and attitude.

    I used to use a guy in Louisiana before Katrina for redfishing. The guy was a total dick while we were fishing, everything had to be done his way. But he always put us on fish and was always prepared and away from the boat he was a decent enough guy. He was just real intense about fishing and didn't like us bringing our own tackle. He always got a good tip.

    About 12 years ago I was fishing in Marathon with a client. My regular guide was sick and we got someone else. This was a fly-in, fish one day and fly back. The guy was totally clueless about where to find the fish and his tackle sucked. I was not happy and told him so; his tip was zero and I also called my regular guy and the guide service to let them know.