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Discussion in '360 Degrees Lounge' started by jojo69, Feb 4, 2009.

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    Well,Gunna head to Venice in March the week of the 19th.I do have the choice to book the week after that.Not sure if the new moon phase is better or not ???The charter cost 2,500 plus fuel but what should I tip for a trip like this ???
    Thanks Joe
  2. bigscrnman

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    JOJO- standard etiquet says that ten to fifteen percent of the TRIP cost is appropriate. (that is trip cost not fuel surcharge!) However, keep in mind the old addage about tipping, that it's how you tell the crew how they did in your eyes. Could be they did better OR worse than guidance dictates, judgement call on your part. Did they put you on the trip of a lifetime, never miss with the gaff, or was the mate too hung over to function?

  3. SpecialK

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    Jojo, it looks like the week of the 19th will be around a half moon. If you wait till the week after it will be alomst right on a new moon. Historically it seems that tuna fishing is better closer to the new moon. I have had great luck around a half moon also. It's mainly the topwater bite that seems to be affected.
    As far as tipping. If the crew worked hard and were fun to be around I always tip 20%. If they didn't I ussually tip less. Tips are a personal thing. I like to give my tips seperate of the group.
  4. margarita mojo

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    Also remember, it is fishing and not catching, if you have a less than stellar catch, still gauge the tip on how hard they worked. Some days its just not in the cards for a limit of fish.

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    I have had some great trips on a full moon. IMO the moon phase only affects the fishing some of the time and I dont let it dictate my trips. This time of year I am going when its calm enough and dont care about the moon...