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i decided to install the topless frame on my Tiagra 16 yesterday. I took it all apart, cleaned, regreased, and lubed the bearings. during the reassembly I found a trust washer that was installed in the wrong location. I printed out the reel schematics from the shitmano website and glanced at it.... I got the reel all back together, and mounted it on my jigging stick just to play with it. A couple turns of the handle revealed i goofed! something was rubbing.... I took it all back apart and printed off the schematics again.

I now know EVERY piece of metal that is in that reel, and how many of each... lol. I discovered I am missing another thrust washer that goes on the outside of the drag side to protect the bearing.

I had heard this reel had some drag issues when I bought it, and the thrust washer I found first explained why the drag would not tighten down to specs. it will now put some extreme pressure on the carbon fiber drags, but I no have to run to the hardware store to find a brass, or stainless extra thin thrust washer that will fit the dimensions of the one I lost.

Oh well, now I know my innards of my equipment- and it gives me something to do to pass the time. lol.:D
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