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    I fished Texoma Saturday 7/18 and Sunday and the experience was dramatically different. Both days there were boat shows in the middle of the lake on Tabletop and in front of Mack Creek and Soldier Creek. I fished near Granpappy point on Saturday and the fish were travelling along the edges of the drop offs. I was able to spotlock on the edge of the drop off in 49-52' of water. There were huge schools of fish travelling through mid column and I was able to get multiple bites per school.

    This weekend I fished N of tabletop in 30-35' of water and saw even bigger schools of striper and some smaller blue cats 12-14'. I was able to thump in schools of even more fish that were hugging the bottom but in this case they did not bite nearly as well so I ended up with 4 striper, 3 cats and a drum.

    It was still fun to get out fishing and I was also finally able to catch up to John Blasingame to get him to show me how he fishes with his P-line Sassin jigs and drop off his thumper with remote. He was the first guide to try one of my thumpers and he asked for a remote for it so he can keep it in his console. If you have ever watched my videos you know my thumper is pretty loud so I actually stuck it in my rear under seat compartment which toned down the noise but still enabled me to thump in fish.

    Let me know if there is anything you want to see in my videos!

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