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    I recently went to a Bass pro shop and talked to a tune fisher, seemed like he knew quite a bit about it. He was going to recommend a seeker for jigging, althought they didn;t have one he did say they had (1) Shimano Trevala. When I looked at it I thought I seen wal-mart catfish poles that looked 3 times as tough, then he bent the dam thing in half, I was pretty impressed, he said this would handle tuna, mahi etc.. and that it was good for popping as well as jigging, he said I could use the larger jigs and the pole might look a little stressed but that i would appreciate the 6'6" length and the grips, (he recommended under arm or rail instead of belt)

    I have also been told to look at Hopper, and some other brand i forget about. i guess what i want to know is, if i'm going party boat fishing, what should I know about these rods or expcet them to be able to handle and not to handle. and of course is this Trevala (for $100.00) worth it?

    It's rated for 30-80 braid and 250g lure
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    Personally, I would stay away from the Trevala for tuna fishing, their rating is misleading. They don't have the backbone for bigger class fish and are suited more for inshore/near shore fishing. Shimano's Blue Rose line is a better option and Angler's Pro Shop has them on sale right now:

    Angler's Pro Shop

    Hopper rods look pretty decent too, and OTI jigging rods are also excellent economical choices.

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    One thing I will throw out there is that I myself prefer a longer rod for fishing on partyboats. There is always the argument that longer rods are harder to fight the fish on, which has some logic. But the longer rod will help in a lot of situations on partyboats as well. More distance on casts, and easier to keep your line off the boat.

    I am 6'4" and I have most of my rods custom built at this point, so I get longer rear grips for underarm fighting, and longer fore-grips for rail fighting. Just make sure the butt isn't too long to put into a harness if necessary. But the extra length of the grip comes off the OAL of the rod, as the "fulcrum" that the fish has to its advantage is from the rod tip, to wherever your hand is. The rest of it is your fulcrum, and to your advantage, so a longer rod with a longer grip, will give you an advantage, and not much extra to the fish.

    Stay away from the Trevalas--junk

    I am not sure about off the shelf, low cost rods, as I don't use them.

    I do know that BarBar (Ron) has some decent Rainshadow blanks that are economical, and he will build you a rod at a reasonable price. If you want a higher end blank, he has those too.

    BaR-BaR Tackle, quality affordable custom crafted saltwater fishing rods. Including planner, deep drop, teaser, kite and dredge rods. Trolling, stand-up, spinning, boat, and jigging rods. White marlin, tuna, halibut, shark, grouper, stripper and snap
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    The heaviest Trevala is an excellent striped bass/bluefish rod.
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    Highly recommend OTI jigging rods
    Other choices will be Fishing Tackle Unlimited rods or Seamagic Dragonfly jigging rods
    Shimano Blue Rose rods are great but price are high >$400
  6. lite-liner

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    second that on the OTI & Sea Majic lines excellent rods, great value

    trevala xxh is hardly a good snapper rod- overhyped, overclassed, under-performing

    SeaMajic rods are at: Islanders Custom Tackle Saltwater Fishing Tackle
    Seeker is also a good rod, but you've stumbled into the "motherlode" of
    offshore rodbuilding experience/opinion here, so I'll leave it to the pro's to
  7. paul708

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    the OTI are really a good rod.
    gets my vote
  8. BretABaker

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    i would vote OTI as well........but the hoppers are the best alternative for the <$200 range that i've seen/used.
  9. paul708

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    i would vote OTI as well........but the hoppers are the best alternative for the <$200 range that i've seen/used.
    brett ..for 9$ more, i am doing the Vjigging rod..
    i think your dad is stopping over soon .
    he can check them out..for 209..good value.
    a few different blank choices and any colors.
    just finished this.
    yes. acid wrapped also

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  10. rtran

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    I don't think you want a rod that will bend double over on you that easy by hand for offshore fishing.
  11. sbarracl

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    I will throw out one more choice. Chaos rods in Florida. They have a great website, but do not have their jigging or popping rods on the site, not sure why? I have some of their trolling rods and love em. I recently bought a 7 ft popping spin rod that sells for $200. I have not fished it yet, but I did do a 22 lb dead lift in my basement, and the rod handled it no problem. It did bend a decent amount, so I would say 25 lbs to maybe 30 is the max drag it can handle.

    I did have an issue with the reel seat that came on the rod not fitting my reel, but I sent it back to Chaos and they are changing it for me at no charge. Chaos is an excellent company that does what they can to please their customers.
  12. BretABaker

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    paul what material is the blank?
  13. paul708

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    paul what material is the blank?
    brett.they are composite,
    the VJ blanks from mudhole..
    pretty nice blank.
    i have a few of them and i am doing these cheap. to start the new year.
  14. ToneyC

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    ........but the hoppers are the best alternative for the <$200 range that i've seen/used.

    I would have to agree with BretABaker on this. The Hoppers a great "Bang for the Buck" rod.

    I recently sold all of my Hopper rods but I wish I would have kept them. They are tough and reasonably light.

    If you are new to the jigging world, then you might want to experiment with the Hoppers before you get hooked on the high end Japanese stuff...

    Good luck brother