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I dont wanna start anything, just wanted to show this to yall and see what yall think. Just some background, me and mont arent friends. I really wanna attend the USNA, and so I posted a thread looking to see if anyone had firsthand info bout the USNA. All I really know is that I wanna serve my country, and just the stuff on their website.

This is the reply I get, and Im looking for guidance and reassurance.:confused:


Help United States Naval Academy
Hey guys although I am only a Freshman,, I have now gotten serious about actively lookin to do everything possible to get into this school. Does anyone around know anyone that went there that I could get into contact with? Did any of yall attend? Just looking for some guidance.
I was looking to go to be an officer and be in the Special Forces to fight for my country.


ok, thnks 2cool
don't be pissy cause nobody answered.

1. you'll need an official recommendation. US Congressman, Senator, or VP of the USA
2. Special Forces is part of the Army, not the Navy
3. you need to be in excellent physical shape
4. you'll need to start thinking for yourself (Hint: United States Naval Academy...and Google is your friend)
And that for wanting to serve my country at this important and crucial time?!?!?!?!?:mad:

I knew all of those things, was looking for info, and Navy Seals is part of the navy as are the Marine Special Forces.
Looking for guidance, sorry for having a will to serve my country, and looking for info.



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I learned a long time ago that you can do anything you set your mind to. That is the god honest truth. If you want something bad enough, and you do everything in your power, most of the time you can make it work. Don't give up, work hard, as you will be competing with the cream of the crop from all across the country. Get involved in things the review board wants to see, like organizing and participating in clubs I also wouldn't limit yourself to just the Naval Academy, the USMA is a bigger school and therefore you have a better chance of getting in.


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If you aren't already part of your school's ROTC program, look into it, if your school doesn't have one, you might be able to participate in one at another school. You'll learn about teamwork, discipline, develop leadership skills and get to work with other people that have similar goals of serving our country.

If you really want this, you can do it! It's hard work, and requires great personal sacrifice, but if you stick with it, and plan carefully, I'm sure you can do it!

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you can also see if your parents are up to sending you to a military academy highschool too. MMA down in harlingen has a high acceptance into the naval academy and westpoint.

as for the responce, unfortunatly that is becoming more and more common over there.

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Hey Kevin,

The way I read the post here, it looked like you posted your questions, then didn't get much response from the board, then you posted -what appeared to Mont- as a sarcastic thanks to the board for nothing. Is that correct?

Regardless, I do admire your thoughts of just protecting the Country, and then to entertain Specical Forces? Awesome!

But, if you do go, do you not think your D.I. will tougher and more condescending to you than Mont's response?!!!

As stated above, you've got WWW access and that's about all it takes today to find a lot of info.

Once you do your research, take notes, and answer your initial questions, you'll probably be prepared to ask the board some very specific questions (that you cannot find too much general info on the internet) that will get responses from those that have been through the experience.

Hang in there as it was only an email, but he did provide some pretty decent info.
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