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Once again I had Rob Leva and crew on the boat. This guy is so dangerous to the tuna population he should be required to have a special NMFS permit, like Rec, General, Charter/Headboat, Rob Leva, etc.

This dude bring the mojo like he's making it in his basement. I swear if we launched my boat in a landlocked freshwater ditch, Rob would go 3 for 5 on tuna !!!!! It's not even right!!!!

We splash the boat and get an nice mid morning start. I head to some numbers that have been giving me good afternoon action, but I figure I'll try them first just on a hunch. We get about half way to the numbers and I see what I think are birds over bluefish, cuz its WAY to shallow for tuna. Thats when Rob dumps some Mojo in the water and wa-la! Tuna in the shallows. LOTS OF THEM !!!!! I get the guys on the fish and they are moving fast and picky. It take a few setups before I hear the magic word......TIGHT!!!!! Not 20 minutes into the day and we are hooked up.

The fish comes in after a nice showing fir its size and we have our "under" fish 46" on ice. I get back on the birds and fish and realize if we keep going in the direction we are headed we are going to run aground. Remember Leva's on the boat, anything can and will happen.

The fish hit the 27' mark....YES!!!! TWENTY SEVEN FEET!!!!! and decide its time to feed like rabid dogs. Double, Single, Pulled hook, Leader and release, over and over. In under two hours the guys go 5 for 8 with another 5-6 fish that hit with bad aim and never really stuck. The 3 we lost were 2 bent hooks and one cut leader.

The fish were on tiny sandeels and none of my regular stuff would even get a look. So we went to 50# flouro and some "Throw-back lures" from back in the day and the fish lost their minds. The only probelm was the old school stuff was set up for Penn 950's and light drag, a little too much juice on the Stella's and the small 3x treble would open up. Not a bad way to loose a fish, you got the lure back and the fish wasn't draggin' gear around. After chafing the 50# flouro with a knotted connection we went back to the 100# Streamline wind-on's and were able to pull as hard as the little lures would allow.

After a few fish I gave Capt Jeff a call and he made the run to the spot. He barely got Carla Noel slowed down and his sports doubled up. It was lights out, lock and load fishing like it used to be. We were the only boat around until Jeff came and then we never had another boat within a mile of us as the fish crashed in every direction as far as we could see.

The tide died and the bite did too. All things much come to an end and such, but all my sports got tight, Two got thier first tuna ever and Rob Leva once again solidified his reputation as "the most tuna catchinest guy I have ever had on my boat." and thats saying something.

The smallest fish was 46" the largest was 52" all but 1 were caught on tiny retro stuff I pulled out of the wayback machine. I'll be sure to be digging through the wayback machine tomorrow and getting some more of the "they don't make it anymore, and those don't still work stuff" out and cleaned up.

Good Luck,

Capt. Terry Nugent
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