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My aim is to present my idea to the community, inviting tweak or sink participation. The shape and water and air interaction is somehow so vivid in my imagination but to be honest I do not have any technical background to make the call

Asking the learned ones here on how do you feel something like this will behave?
Do you have any recommendations to add or subtract anything?

Location is Hervey Bay, QLD, Australia. Travelling from Torquay Sailing club to Rooneys fishing grounds and return. Fishing will only consist of idling to the GPS marks on arrival, anchoring and deep jigging. Most of the travel will be a straight line out on ok days and if the weather turns foul while out, the return will be along the inside beach of Fraser Island at whatever speed is comfy

Playing around with concepts that can potentially cross 70km bay in regular ok conditions with good fuel economy, safety, ease of storage and speed. At the m0ment, I am just wondering about all this. They might never actually get built.

Drawn entirely out of a fantasy 3D mental image. Just a thinking exercise for now as a distraction from the boring fitting out of two current boat projects and part-time study. If a feasible concept does appear, then I might build it once the current projects are done

This is 1 of 2 concepts. The other is a semi WIG cross tunnel RIB

Originally thinking a cat config, but decided to eliminate all cross-beams and just play with one pontoon only. It's based on a 20' foot long 1m dia aluminium pontoon with sealed ends and two bulkheads creating forward motor bay, cockpit cutout and rear reserve volume. There is an aluminium tail to mount a decent prop and a rudder behind the prop. Pontoon wearing forward and rear inflatable fairing (is this a RIBtoon?) I am preparing drawings to show these details in case words do not paint the picture

Forward bag attached with pipe end inserted into a 3' socket in the bag and lashed (whipped) with bungee cord. 4 x 6" whips over the 3' span. Rear bag laced on over the spine

30 knot cruise will be awesome
30' Length
2.4m Max beam
Air prop with air rudder if superior to implementing an outboard
2 adults and three fishing outfits, supplies for a few hours trip
Inflatable dashboard/cockpit in the cutout

I will load pics and part details to this first post using the edit function as I prepare them with edit date and details of addition. Only edits will be addition of pics and its description

This is the side view from the first sketch. Showing waterline displacing 1600lb. Next pic to upload will show the fitted pontoon


Pic 2 added 15/06/21
Showing the pontoon with very rough engine, cockpit and prop locations

Pic 3 added 15/06/21
Showing rough locations of outboard style foils
SE Sport 300 Black Outboard Hydrofoil


Pic 4 posted 15/06/21
Showing an aluminium fabrication forming a V keel and doubling as the exhaust line


Pic 5 added 15/06/21

Top view


The side skirts form spray and flow channels as well as fenders. Cockpit is liner is inflatable with protective cushions adding air bag effects. Things like steering wheel and controls recessed into depressions in the liner

Edit 18/06/21

Major changes to the lines of the concept

Concept reconfigured for outwards inclining wing tip foils deployed with rotational action

Overall length reduced to 26' (opinions welcomed re pros and cons of such a move)

Beam at the widest point now 3m. Reduced the number of chine lines for ease of drawing and sewing

New pics. Foils not yet shown. Pics are only of the hulls inflatable fairing, aluminium pontoon insert not shown






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