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txsurfnturf said:
Hey mr bill thanks for the pics thats my pop! We have talked about you in the past .QUOTE]

You're very welcome. I'll never forget your Dad feeling me out on our trip. I'm kind of a reclusive and don't like attention. It's the equipment/tackle that gives me away. That's why I don't go on open trips. The first thing he said to me after about a 12 hour ride to the tuna grounds was "In all my years of fishing, I've never seen a guy bring along a Capt/Fish Caddy". I just smiled. Later after I put the first three tuna on the deck, he came up to me and introduced himself and complemented me on my equipment and kept staring at me to figure out who the hell is this guy. I just smiled and said "I'm done, you're the next one to limit out".

Later that night after he put his third tuna (biggest of the trip) on the deck, we started a good conversation over some Scotch. He finally figured out who I was but I never acknowledged it. I think we really bonded at the fish cleaning house. He was a great guy, and I'll surely miss him. Through PM's he never let me forget that I brought along a Fish Caddy.

BTW, I also met Hyperman on that trip. Your Dad and I couldn't believe how much energy he had. I nicknamed him "Hyperman" to your Dad. He thought that was funny.

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My deepest condolences to you & your family.
I never met Kevin, but he was one of the "originals" here,
& we communicated many times via PM. He really brought a lot
of substance to this site. His participation will be deeply missed.
Fish on, Kev!

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This isnt what i wanted to see this a.m when i woke up, kev was one
Of few ppl ive met from 360. Im sad to hear of his passing.
The pics mrbill put up made me smile though, when i was new
To this site kevin sent me that blue avet 4/0 2speed in the pic
He didnt know me for squat yet he really helped me out he met me in wallingford
Ct at a stop n shop and i returned it to him unharmed i dont think
He knew just how much that meant to me, that saved the trip for me
And ill never forget it. He will b missed my deepest heartfelt
Condolences to you and your family . This site will b missing alot
Of character and personaluty, your father was a nice guy.
Rip kevin

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Hi Stephen,

We are deeply saddened by the news of your father and our good friend Kevin.
Kevin have always been a gentleman and we first know Kevin when he was still in Dubai and his insatiable love for fishing.
In Jan 2012, we did a trip to Perdido Rig, it was our first time meeting him, and we connected instantly, spending hours on the boat talking about his fishing adventures.
Kevin, you will be greatly missed by all of us here.
Rest in Peace.

Regards and prayers to you and your family,
Paul and Sami.


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As Kevin's brother, Charlie, I would like to post a big thanks with deep gratitude to all the fishermen who honor him here. We scheduled and missed a Big E trip a few years back and consequently I never got to see him in his element. If he was half as good a fisherman as he was a brother then the tuna never had a chance. My bucket list now has a GOM trip with his son Stephen on it. All the best to his 3 sons and wife of 30 years.

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OMG. Although I saw this thread when it was first posted and felt absolutely aweful, I did not realize until today, when at Saltywater, that I actually fished with you dad in December when we went out to The Perdido Rig. And now I feel even more aweful. Once again, let me say how sorry I am for your loss. When I came down, to Texas, with The Yankee contingent, all the fishermen on the trip were quite hospitable towards us. But I especially remember your dad, along with Steve and Hyperman. Three really nice guys. However, I'd have to say that your dad had a lasting memory on me. As you could imagine, after three days of fishing, and enough "sashimi" and "ceviche" to choke an Orca...your dad, on the way in, pulled out good 'ole, home made, Texas barbecue ribs, that more than hit the spot! And I would be lying if I did not say that those ribs put a big smile on this "chubby little" Italians face! So with that said, God Bless You, Your Family and Your Dad. He will be missed.
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