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    The second annual jigfest is over .. two days of jigging. Im not posting a report for now just pictures. All I can say is one AJ over 100 was caught and I lost many over 100. I will be going back soon after 2 days of jigging 50+ beasts I can honestly say I'm not typing anymore enjoy the pictures they speak for themselves

    Yellowmouth Grouper, Gag Grouper, Scamp Grouper, Amberjack, Almaco Jacks, Bonita, Tuna, Wahoo, Mahi-Mahi all caught on jigs n two days of fishing

    We had a banner trip with literally tons of fish over the 60 mark
    Gmans friend

    This 100 pounder AJ ...

    did this to a flat side jig and then swallowed it


    Al in action

    Stella singing

    Weapons of mass destruction

    Wei World in action

    Jersey Brian in action

    JB again

    Tbaker's Slob
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    Glenn nice report
    sweet AJ's
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    You could take an hour to write a report, and I could take 5 mns to read it.
    Or you could take 5 min to post photos and I'll take an hour to look at them.

    You guys did great, Your Capt put you on the marks, And whom ever had camera duty did their job also..

    More from others later, I guess?

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    Awesome trip! Thanks for the pictures and report! It looks like you all caught and released a whole school!

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    Thanks guys, Im sure jersey Brian will post his report as it is very thorough. Honestly we could have caught them all night long they are that thick. The issue is sorting through all the 50-60's to get to teh 100's. I got absolutely smoked on about 5 occasions with a brand new Stella Sw20000PG, 80# braid, 100# leader. The Amberjack were swallowing 13" jigs without issue

    Wahoos killed us as they cost me about $400 worth of jigs they were everywhere as well
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    nice pics looked like a blast
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    75 miles offshore in a 23' cc it was definitley hard core
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    What port are you fishing out of? and by the way real fine job guys. I wish we had aj's like that reachable by my 21' CC out of Destin.
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    Day 1

    What an absolutely wonderful day to be on the water! No waves, sunny and good company. We just got back in and had an unbelievable time. I set out with Chip Baker, Glenn (gman) and Al (fishingeek) for our first day of jigging and I couldn't have been happier. Al, Chip and Glenn are by far the most hilarious trio of fisherman I've ever had the opportunity to fish with. You guys are the best and I swear I probably got sick (for however short a time) because I was laughing so freakin hard and the blood was just rushing to my brain.

    I'm sure Tony, Ty and Mike will have some of their own stories they will share in due time while they fished with Capt. Russell of Living Waters Guide service and Alren (jerkjigger), but some of our highlights for today were:

    1) while we were cruising out to our first spot, Chip sees something in the water and as we pass by it, turns out its a 20lb Red Grouper!! It's stomach was bloated out and it seemed like somehow had hooked up with it and the line probably busted while the fish was coming up. One U-turn with a gaff in hand and our first fish was on the boat!!!

    2) First stop, I drop my 200g Turkey slider and a couple of quick jigs off the on! Pop! Line broke above the PR knot!?! That was my first drop with that jig too...good looking jig btw APS!

    3) While moving to another spot, we see action on top! Looks to be BIG Blackfin Tuna! We are all rushing to get our casting rods ready..but mine already was First cast, too short...Second cast, jerk jerk jerk....line is tight and a 28 inch Mahi jumps out of the water. Meat in the box baby!

    4) I was using my 200g Tsuru Blue/Metallic jig and hooked into a FAT 20lb Blackfin tuna which was my first Tuna!!! Haha Bret! Got'em! Good, hard fighting fish too. Yummy.

    5) Glenn putting on the blood of the Blackfin on his face like tribal war paint. Which actually worked!!! The next 4 drops he had 4 AJs! All in the 60lb range. Glenn is a great fisherman and very hardcore at jigging. Doesn't stop. He's also one of the funniest guys I've ever met and proud to have him as a fellow Jersey guy He wanted that 100lb AJ so bad and I'm almost positive he hooked into at least 2 fish that had 100lb potential. With the drag on a Stella SW20000 ('08 JDM model) one fish was pulling line off like Glenn was using a trout rod!!! Just couldn't stop hooking into a freight train. I was very nervous for his Hot's Wei World 52XH rod since we don't know how much drag it could handle...and for a while there during the fight his rod was not looking very comfortable; doubled over and tip in the water.

    6) While going to another spot, we notice a MASSIVE weed line and we hit the Mahi Mahi Headquarters. At least 30 fish swimming all around both boats and Glenn ended up catching one on a Jig and I caught 2. One on a Tacklehouse Flitz 42g and the other on a Duel Slider 120s. The other boat must have also put about 6 hens in their ice box before we both moved off. But what a sight to see....Mahi are so pretty..especially all lit up in the water; 360 degrees around the boat.

    7) Tony, representing the west coast tradition ) casting out a 5oz Crippled Herring on a Newell reel and conventional rod and hooking up into a Wahoo.

    8) Glenn caught a 10lb Yellowmouth Grouper. Al caught his biggest Gag Grouper ever and on a jig.

    9) Glenn ended up landing a 49" AJ that was everybit of ~75lbs right near the end of the trip. Good going bud! He also caught 2 more that were in the ~70lb range.

    One thing that was a little frustrating on the trip was the fact that there seemed to be some type of structure on the bottom that kept cutting us off. Each of us must have had anywhere from 8-12 fish that we hooked up and they would man-handle the drag to put us down into the rocks and cut us off. Our leaders kept coming back completely frayed, destroyed and useless....and this was on 130lb Fisherman Stealth Leader! There were 2 specific incidents that I remember when I hooked into 2 fish that I would fight for about 5-10 minutes that finally popped my line cuz of all the leader abrasion (the first 3 minutes of each fight being unstoppable line peeling). My boat lost A LOT of nice, expensive jigs today... but those were the jigs that were hooking up and catching fish today; obviously

    Jigs of the day: 200g Turkey Slider, 200g Tsuru jig, 280g Hot's Drift Tune jig, 250 Andaman's jigs, Fisherman's Crazy Long jigs, 400g Smith Nagamasa jigs.

    Cannot wait for tomorrow!

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    So, with the weather forecast saying the waves would start to kickup by the afternoon, we made a direct route at 5AM straight back to the spot where we were hooking into the monsters at the end of the day yesterday. For today's boats, we had Tony, Glenn, Ryan (Chip's brother) and myself on Chip's Contender and Al, Mike and Ty with Arlen and Capt. Jody on the 27ft Onslow Bay boat. Just like how Al caught the first and last fish of the day on my boat yesterday, I caught the first and last fish on my boat today! But the "Top Honors Award" on Chip's boat today went to Tony. He landed a few 70lb fish at 48", 48" and 49" as well as a monster 51 inch fish that Chip said was everybit of 80lbs These AJs were not only mean, but VERY girthy. He used YOUR Eagles rod Bret! matched with a Saragosa and 100lb braid, and I've never seen an OTI 600g rod double over like that Big AJs are TOUGH! You just can't stop them... Tony battled that fish for a looong time and the fight was soo intense that it ended up bending one of the guides on that OTI rod! Nevertheless, he landed that bad boy and the look on Tony's face while holding that AJ for pics was priceless.

    Bret - you have a really cool Dad. He's super laid back and pretty darn funny too heh. You are lucky to have the same passion for fishing as he does... where you can spend time with each other, hanging out and fishing. I wish my dad was as obsessed about fishing as I am...he just wants to eat my fish

    I had a nice 60lb AJ come to the boat which would have been my biggest caught fish to date (not including sharks), but Glenn ended up hooking into his own fish by the time I had my AJ the boat and Glenn's braid just cut right through my 130lb leader sending the AJ on it's way with my Williamson Benthos jig. Luckily, Glenn ended up landing his fish so it wasn't a lost cause completely. Don't be sorry Glenn. That's fishing and I was happy to have atleast seen my fish and how big it was.

    Glenn was on a mission today. He wanted that 100lb'er. From the get go, he had his drag set at 20-22lbs and it just increased from there throughout the day. He was catching nice 60lb'ers but you always knew when one of us would have a BIG fish on the line. Once you hooked into one, they would just PULL drag off the reel, no matter WHAT your drag was set too. I know I had at least 3 BIG fish that just pulled and pulled until they wrapped us around structure and broke us off. By the end of the day, Glenn definitely had his drags set somewhere near the 30lb range and at least 8 fish Glenn hooked into would just take line like it was nothing. I was shocked. So was Chip! When you hooked into one of these monsters, you just couldn't do anything but wait until they stop tearing line and pray they didn't cut you off in the initial run. At one point, Glenn was talking to Chip with his jig at a stand still in the middle of the water column..not moving and before you know it, Glenn almost loses his Wei World because the fish almost ripped it out of his hand. All he could do was hold it with his right hand and point it into the water....just nuts. However, that was one thing I did notice from today and yesterday...several AJs were landed on jigs while they weren't moving. Whether the fisherman was taking a break or just about to flip the bail over to release more line again, several AJs would just pounce on the motionless jig without any warning. Pretty exciting. Even at times, once you felt your jig hit the bottom and flip your bail over, you were hooked up to a fish.

    Some Notes:
    1) I landed a 35lb Almaco Jack that fought harder than ANY other AJ I caught during the past 2 days. Great fight. However, as soon as I release it, Glenn brings up a 45lb Alamco Jack that took him for a ride for a while! Those fish were fighting hard all the way upto the boat. They were tough.
    2) Glenn caught a False Albie on a jig and a few drops later, he hooks into a grouper and while he's reeling it up (easily, I might add) his rod slowly doubles over and just starts peeling line. SHARK!
    3) Tony used my BRAND NEW Accurate 665 2spd and never fought a fish in high gear, but after landing one of the 70lb'ers on his Jigging Master rod and my Accurate, the reel started making not so nice sounds....this was a brand reel. Accurate will be getting a call from a disgruntled customer soon.
    4) Arlen caught a 59 inch long, 36 inch girth AJ that was certainly 100lbs. Just a MONSTER. Pics will definitely be posted soon. Arlen is a great guy, but I didn't have a chance to fish with time
    5) Chip is a GREAT guy and will be a fantastic Captain once he gets certified. He puts you on the fish and is super energetic, enthusiastic and helpful; everything you want in a captain. Very fun guy to fish with. Put him and Glenn together on a boat and be ready to laugh your butt off all day.
    6) Ty had a NICE AJ on his OTI 600g rod but when it got to the boat the rod broke at the 4th guide. Ty and Mike had a GREAT time and I think this weekend was an eye-opening experience for all 3 of us.
    7) Ty also jigged up the only Kingfish of the trip! Very cool. It was about ~30 inches I'd say. Way to go man. Not bad at all for your first jigging trip!

    Another thing to note: Glenn, Al and I have a WHOLE crap load of gear to restock. The last 2 days were VERY expensive on tackle. Glenn lost at least 10 Expensive jigs, I lost both my Smith Jack knifes, Williamson Benthos, River2Sea Turkey Slider, River2Sea (abyss-looking) jig, Tsuru jig, one of Glenn's Andaman's, etc.... Al also lost quite a few Fisherman Crazy long jigs, Andaman's jigs, and Smith Nagamasas. He actually broke one of his Nagamasa's in two! It's going to be an expensive restocking for us 3.

    Speaking of messed up Jigs...the Shimano flat side jig that Arlen used to catch his 100lber was bent 90 degrees.

    Good thing this wasn't a 3 day fishing trip, because Glenn, Al and I are all out of Fisherman hooks, Shout Power assist hooks, split rings and solid rings...we wouldn't have caught a thing tomorrow But for once, I'm glad I over bought tackle since I wasn't in need of anything during the trip....until now lol.

    We all had a blast. This was only my 5th and 6th trips jigging ever and I think it was just amazing. The fishery down here is world class, no doubt...
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    Also, on our ride back in today, we saw a ~15ft Great Hammerhead Shark sunning itself ontop of the water's surface. It was a BEAST. Glenn wanted Chip to stop and turn around so we could catch it using a grouper we had caught with one of Tony's kingfish wire leaders hahaha. I'm pretty sure we would have still been fighting right now...
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    Awesome pics and reports guys!! great job...
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    Wow!!! What a trip!! Thanks for posting.

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    Thanks for the post Brian.

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    The AJ fishery is unreal there and Chip and Arlen are the guys you want to catch'em up! They are funny, energetic and enthusiatic fishermen and guides. We had a hiliarious time while getting our asses kicked by mean AJs for 2 days. :) But I've got the AJ itch now. I'm going back...soon.
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    That's simply Outstanding!

    What a great trip!! Thanks for sharing....and thanks for the great pics.

    In my mind....this qualifies as the trip of the year.
    Way to go guys...Congrats!