The gunnison report 10-25-08

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    10-25-08 gunnison report


    Same report, but here are some new pics! Headed out ,of Sabine Pass, TX, at noon through the strips of rock to find the seas had finally laid flat. With my brother and I on board we pinned the throttles and cranked up the tunes for the 174 mile voyage!

    Arrived at the floating iron ,they call Gunny, at sunset to find the deep blue infested with an unlimited number of hypersonic torpedos.

    We caught tuna 'til the body said no-more!

    Ended up catching 8 yft total and countless blacks. Left with our 2 man limit of 6, and made the 45 mile ride back to the gardens. Boated 3 grouper sunday morning and crammed their tails into the fish box.

    Had an Awesome time out there and finally got to fill the freezer IKE had emptied for us!

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    Thats a boatload of tuna. Nice job and congratulations.

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    nice meat haul!!! Good job..
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    glad to see someone hitting the spars for some tunas. love seeing a boat all bloodied along with the kind of cat are you running and how do you like your hondas? are they 25 or 30 inch shaft hondas?....rick
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    We had a blast! Was our 1st time to Gunnison. Boat is 06 worldcat 27te. Honda"s pur like a kitten!
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    Love the blood action..................;)