The CORRECT Way To Replace A Rod Tip! Yes The CORRECT Way!

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    The "Myth" Of Using A Lighter To Replace A Rod Tip Is Explained!

    Last week i took a fall fighting a fish. The mainline snapped putting me on my back. That fall dislodged the rod tip insert. To get me by the following day i decided to temporarily super glue the insert back in. Some of my rod building friends like Mark Gonsalves cautioned me that this is a temporary fix, which it was. Today i went to visit Hawaii's best known rod builder/instructor/teacher/expert Brian Kimata, owner of Brian's Fishing Supply. Brian even gives free classes on rod building so he knows his stuff.

    Before leaving i researched how to repair my rod tip on YouTube. Virtually everyone gave the same lecture on using a lighter to heat & melt the epoxy glue holding the rod tip to the blank's tip. Then pull it off. Sounds simple, right? Well i found out it's a half-true myth. If the rod is a custom rod, yes you can pull the rod tip off by using a lighter. This is because a rod builder will use a thermo plastic adhesive to attach the rod tip. The melting point of this adhesive is lower then the melting point of the rod's blank so the tip can be removed safely.

    But if the rod is a factory rod, which over 90% are, the factory epoxy glue has a much higher melting point then the rod's blank so the actual rod itself will droop & melt way before the epoxy does. I was told maybe 1 out of 15 factory rods "might" be lucky enough to be fixed this way. This same info was shared with me today by not only seasoned rod builders but also by a rod building instructor.

    I'm so glad that my friend Brian Kimata took the time today to properly explain & show me how to do my own repairs. My other fishing buddy & master rod builder Mark Gonsalves kindly offered to do it for me but i really wanted to learn this on my own. Always good to have great buds to back you up!

    With Brian's permission i'm going to share his knowledge with everyone watching this video. Even a slow guy like me did this under 8 minutes on my first rod tip repair. If i can do it, anyone can. LOL!


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    As a 40 + year professional rod builder, I agree with most of this except that you cannot get but 1 in 15 factory tips off with heat. My experience has been that perhaps about 1 in 10 or more factory tips Cannot be.almost all will come off with the right amount of heat. Without damaging the blank.Every now and then a custom builder will put one on with something that heat won't remove also but I find that to be rare.Most everyone that does this often and is competent,knows that tips will occasionally need to be replaced and will use an appropriate adhesive.

    I just did a couple factory rods yesterday. Both came right off with a short burst from a mapp torch. ( be careful if you decide to use one of these) I've done this a thousand times and doing it correctly,as to not damage anything,comes with a learning curve.
    I have a good friend that brings a lot of people out.every winter he brings me 3 or 4 rods that have the tip and maybe the first guide rings busted out. This is from novices ramming swivels into them. All factory rods. I honestly can't remember when the last time was that I had to cut a tip top off.

    Nice video,please don't take this as criticism. But when you did your tip at the end, along with putting some glue into the tube,
    You should also put a little bit on the blank itself. I usually do this first, before putting any into the tip top. With the small tip you were working with you will probably be fine, with bigger stuff you want to also have some glue on the blank.
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    You're correct. For a larger tip i'd try to add as much as i could then thumb off the excess. I've used this rod twice since the repair. Doing ok. Thinking of taking the rod building class now.
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    Like I said in one of your other posts,
    Learn the right way,
    NOT the youtube way.

    Youtube = Googtube

    PS. working hard on that 1000 hr view requirement I see :)
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    Your correct. I always want to learn the right way so i do things on my own & if i don't know better, i ask those that do. Thanks for reminding me:)
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