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The best bigeye catch ever on a party boat

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I was lucky enough to witness one of the best bigeye catches in party boat history when I fished on the Viking's three day trip on 08-26/29.
We had four bigeye on troll, 2 on jigs and one on bait on a single day.
The biggest one is 296 lbs weighed three days later after the catch. The second biggest one was 234 lbs dressed. It should be around 260 - 270 lbs.
The smallest one was about 120 - 130 lbs.
I fought the 300 lbs bigeye along with two other guys and it fought much harger than 283 lbs yft tuna I caught in PV a few years ago.

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i know when im out on 3 day trips here in the north east i dont use a harness although i do have one i got the braid brute buster belt and harness and drop straps for like 90 $ not bad but for this trip i might just bring the whole thing after seeing this, kil i envy you , it seems as if your out fishin more than you are on land. thanks for the post
1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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