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The best bigeye catch ever on a party boat

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I was lucky enough to witness one of the best bigeye catches in party boat history when I fished on the Viking's three day trip on 08-26/29.
We had four bigeye on troll, 2 on jigs and one on bait on a single day.
The biggest one is 296 lbs weighed three days later after the catch. The second biggest one was 234 lbs dressed. It should be around 260 - 270 lbs.
The smallest one was about 120 - 130 lbs.
I fought the 300 lbs bigeye along with two other guys and it fought much harger than 283 lbs yft tuna I caught in PV a few years ago.

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What an awesome report, and great pictures too!! Bigeyes on the jig!!


Tom - DeepBlueGulf

What is the appeal of the Tilefish and BarrelFish? Are they good eating, or is it just a milestone or trophy? Just curious.

Jerry-Snagged, Those bigeye really do look like your 99lber! The small sickles really make me think you had the real thing!

Tom - DBG
1 - 2 of 29 Posts
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