That Dog Will Hunt!

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  1. Tattoo's Tackle

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    Some shots from the recent weeks up here in Cape Cod.

    1st - You can make out the Zuri Colored Sea Pup. Poor guys fought this fish for over an hour and a half. The only shot that had at landing it was the one with the camera. Fish broke off a few seocnds later. Estimated at 250+lbs. OUCH!

    2nd - 170lb Charlie on deck. Corey from Plugnplay charters tookthe fish on a color changing seapup in a quick 20 minute fight.

    3rd - We get a call for help from Brian who has been fighting the fish for an hour by himself and is out of energry. He needs help landing the fish. We run over and I hop on board to stick this critter. As luck would have it, I see a familiar lure in it's mouth, one of ours. A White / Red Head Sea Dog - talk about customer service!

    4th - Up close and personal. The teeth on this thing are just awesome!

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  2. fishingeek

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    I will throw a herring colored sea dog as my first weapon of choice with Capt Dom tomorrow....hope to post some good pictures tomorrow!!:)
  3. MrBill

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    I noticed recently that all the inexpensive lures have been doing the trick on the bluefins up east. I find that interesting as I'm sure you guys still try and toss the expensive poppers and swimbaits to the tuna. I guess the tuna are sensitive to the slow economy.:D

    By the way, nice tuna and pictures. Enjoy the cool weather you guys have been having this summer. Just be glad you don't live down South as the weather here has been brutal. 21 days over 100 already and it's averaged 104 the last four days with 110 heat index. My AC and water bill is running about two stella's a month. :mad: I'm beginning to believe that I live in hell.:eek:
  4. BretABaker

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    nice job, tattoo. your lures have been working great. PM me when you get a chance :)
  5. HWK

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    My AC and water bill is running about two stella's a month. :mad:

    Now that's funny Mr. Bill !!!! It is hotter than hell down here !!!

    Great pics !!!