Thank you Paul.

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    I wanted to say a few kind words to JPR here as a sponsor.

    I had wanted to find a replacement for a rod that needed to be replaced. I had been watching the for sale forums, found a few I was interested in and missed out on a few as well because of overthinking.

    Finally I said to heck with it, let's check out the sponsors of this site and make a call. I spent about 7 minutes on the phone with Paul, told him what I was looking for and basically handed over free range to him to build me a rod with only a few items I wanted to see.

    Paul knocked it out of the park. I'm not good at uploading pictures, maybe he has some. The rod was a little heavier than I was envisioning but it was perfect for the fishing I actually do. Spiral wrapped eyes, beautiful cork grips (which you just don't get on factory rods), titanium guides, Alps trigger grip that matched my Avet Dorado SX Raptor perfectly, Black Hole jigging blank that felt quite light. When I called there was only about a 2 week window to build and ship before my charter. I had actually called to inquire about what might have been built and was just lying around. Instead I got a custom rod built just for me.

    I was able to pick up on every vermilion that bit my line and also landed Amberjack, grouper, red snapper and blackfin tuna on that rod. Our trip got messed up so not much need to jig but I did tie one on just to see how it felt, I think it will do well when I get back out again.

    Deckhands, captains, and passerby's all felt the need to stop and pick it up while mumbling about either how light it was or how well finished it was.

    Thank you Paul and JPR rods.
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    glad you like the rod and service