Thank you John Vaughn

Discussion in 'Jigging and Popping' started by gman, Apr 24, 2009.

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    I dont do this often but every now and then someone stands out for going above and beyond, but when it is a pattern it needs to be said publicly.

    John Vauhn at Tackle direct is the single most dependable guy I know in the fishing industry today. He goes so far past above and beyond its just rediculous.

    I used to buy stupid amounts of tackle from him, then as I got into jigging it became less and less but he still goes completely out of his way for me and anyone I send to him. Ive had people call me back and tell me he treated them like royalty.

    I needed new flurocarbon leader last week, he didn't have it in stock ... He had it shipped to me overnight so I had it for my trip. Same thing this week. I need something he made it happen.

    I would strongly suggest if you ever need anything give him a call. He is officially the man in my book. On top of that he knows how to fish

    Thanks brother ... The owners at Tackle Direct are lucky to have you


    BTW they stock OTI products
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    Ive always had good dealing with tackle direct. im with you glenn as i got into jigging, tackledirect, charkbait, and melton has seen little of my business. i had a 12ft gloomis surf rod that came to me empty(tube opened during transit) the folks at tackle direct had a new one sent to me quick with no questions asked a few days later.

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    Same here. John has always taken real good care of me.