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    I heard you guys were getting some big stripers on Texoma today. Say...18lbs. Sound familar?
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    We have been killing the striper on Texoma. We have fished during two of the last tourneys and would have won both with weights at 28lbs for two fish and 18 1/2 the second tourney date. I should have entered. I plan on entering the TSA tourney this coming weekend. I have found some really good holes by using knowledge of how the fish move and run when pushing bait. Early morning they have been very shallow in about 2ft of water and later moving to about 12 foot of water actually, we are catching them on a drop that goes from 4-12 foot by slow running wildeyes on the bottom. Ross taught me the ropes and I just went from there. We havent used bait in about two months and we have fished Texoma every weekend for about the last two months. This is my first weekend to miss but I can survive till next. If you didnt see pics, I will post. We had troubles catching box fish for a while but just happened to stumble upon a point that is loaded with them, they hit the minute the slab hits the bottom. Texoma has been on fire for us but has been fairly slow for everyone else. The birds are starting to pick up but there is mostly dinks underneath them. We fished the birds the last two weekends for about 10 minutes each day and then we leave and go back to hammering the big guys. Average fish caught in the honey hole is averaging around 8-9lbs with a few occasional snakes mixed and two fish over 13lbs with the largest at 18 and some change. I think it was like 18.6 but dont remember exactly.

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    I have to tell ya, fishing with Jason has been a blast. He just started fishing about 6 months ago and he learns quick. When I took out a slab, he told me fish dont eat metal!!!!! lol Now he is addicted to slabbing and owns about 60+... Its been fun teaching, watching and enjoying and I have loved every minute of it. SO far he has managed to get a treble in his thumb and even cast a rod he had lying next to him in the water. He did however jump out of the boat to get the rod, only to find out that we were in 2ft of water....What a sight and what entertainment. What a blast... He has managed the biggest fish of his life also and many personal best. 30lb flat head, 9lb blue, 7lb hybrid, 18lb striper, 2+lb sandy. Talk about fun, imagine how happy a person gets when catching such fish that hasnt done so before. AWESOME and has made the trips unbelievable. I cant wait to get Trystan out fishing. Only another year and half and he will be out to see what it is all about. He will be out before then but he wont have a clue as to what is going on.
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    Nice linesides PiePuncher!

    I see that I'm not the only one chasing the land-locked stripers.