Texas Winter State Water Snapper Guides/Party Boats

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    I have been out of the offshore for a while because raising children is expensive. Now I can afford some trips but the tuna trips have increased themselves out of my range still at this point. (actually forever, I am far enough west to get to San Diego in a day just like our coast and since the money is the same, I am going with the much better boats).

    Anyway, I digress. Would you guys give me some good options for winter state snapper between Galveston and Port Mansfield? Party boat or private charter both good for me. I would also like to have some bay options from the same place but I am not looking for those people yet, I want to start with snapper options. Thank you guys and gals.
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    I live in Lubbock and have recently been making that drive west to San Diego a few times myself. 1000 miles vs. 550 to Port Arkansas, but can still be done in one day. And Bluefin fishing is a real treat.

    On Texas state water snapper trips, you might want to check with Dolphin Docks. Much has changed since March, but DD used to run state water trips.

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    Bryan .... it's good to see your interest is stirring again. To respond to your question about winter Red Snapper trips the Captain Paul out of Dolphin Docks in Port A does one or two 12 hr state waters snapper trips per week. The last time I heard something about Port Mansfield there were two party boats there dong trips ... one was a Murphy boat and the other was an Osprey boat. I don't know the particulars but it should be easy to track down by contacting those two outfits. Marvin Horner was doing state waters trips on the Kingfisher out of DSH but he has now retired and I am not sure if someone else is going to do them or not.

    There are also several state waters charters available but they are more costly. I'll try to round up some names for you and email them to you.

    I agree with your assessment about the cost of longer tuna trips. But shorter trips are still available and I've been on some fantastic 36 hr trips out of DSH.

    Watch for an email from me soon.

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