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Texas Bluewater Blowup '06 t-shirt

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I just wondering, have any one come up with design for Texas Bluewater Blowup '06 T-shirt?
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Who have a nice picture of yft? I might be able to ask Rue to do magic on photoshop.
I really like that t-shirt, especially the long sleeves. I found a NIKE, long-sleeved shirt that's made from that fabric that wicks away moisture? It's great in the sun!

We need to work on one for GEM 06 too!

TJ- Let's talk about it while we're bass fishing!
We have been working on both trip's shirts design, cost for the shirts is a fairly simple bid process, but the art work we are looking for is a bit more time consuming, especially for the GEM 06.
We'll have artwork for the TBB 06 soon and if we come up with something for the GEM 06 trip that the group likes before you guys come up with something we'll send the design to everyone for approval or rejection.
The GEM 06 price per shirt will be a bit higher due to the smaller total number ordered.
Found a couple of images out on the net


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It would be neat to have one with a popper or knife jig in its mouth.
Hey Muddskipper, I really like that one!

Care if I use it for an avatar?
Its all you baby....it will make a great avatar

Hey Muddskipper, I really like that one!

Care if I use it for an avatar?
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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