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I have changed the date and also tried to re-arrange the text as requested. Here are 2 options. One is without the background, with just the tuna. Let me know what you think. Any changes or adjustments you would like, just let me know and I'll try my best. Thanks.


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I'm not on this trip, but I will say I like them both. Probably the one with the Texas flag would be my choice. I'll buy a few if you are selling them to non-participating Texas bluewater blowup members. I run thru T-Shirts like hot cakes.

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Rue, outstanding job on the design. Here's what we would like to do to finish this up if you can do it.
Make the second design without the Texas Flag, but with the topwater in the mouth.
So both designs will have the topwater, one with the flag, the other without the flag.
If you can do that and email both to us, we would appreciate it. We will send the designs to the shirt guys to se what they can do and get final prices.
Might want to copyright that design, just a suggestion.
Appreciate the work and effort, the designs are awesome.
Anyone not going on TBB 06 is welcome to buy a "limited edition" shirt for a special price.(LOL) Just post up the size and number of shirts and we'll include that in with the order, however we will require payment up front.
Again, flat out awesome work!

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DBG, Let us know the size and what you want long, short, pockets, tec. Same for you, Ragman.
Here's the latest update:
Float Plan: There is a inquiry on the float plan,, and if the question was where the fishing will be done, Captain Frank and Belly up will be discussing the trip particulars. As for the fishing to be done, from our previous Big E private charter last October, the fishing was tuna at night at specific spars, and deep drop snapper, AJ's, grouper, and other biggies during the day. This trip was posted as such, and that will be the main focus. Won't comment on the swording.
If it was about departure and return times, Friday September 15th 11am departure, return time Sunday September 17th, 3 pm. If you were asking something else, disregard the previous stuff.
Boarding: We and Bellyup will have that taken care of regarding the boarding process. Those that went on the Halloween 05 trip can chime in a bit on the boarding on a Big E private charter.
Shirts: This is the best deal we've gotten right now:
36-72 shirts Small to XL size
Short sleeve
$12.56 w/o pocket
$14.56 w/pocket

Long sleeve $17.12

72+ shirts
Small to XL
$10.56 w/o pocket
$12.56 w/pocket
Long sleeve $15.72

Each X size above XL will add $1.00 per X size, so a XXXXL on a short sleeve w/out pocket will be $15.56

This does not include tax, So figure on an additional $1.00 to $1.40 per shirt for tax depending on the number ordered and size.
If we get over 72 from this company there is a $2.00 price reduction.
We got a 2cool member who is giving us a quote on their shirt prices as well, and we'll go with the best deal we get. But the group has an idea of the price range for the various shirts.
August 18th -21st has been a consistant deadline for printers to finalize the design, and get the printing done in time, so we are cutting off orders on that date. Anyone that wants to sponsor needs to get on board by then as well.
Lodging and Pre-trip meal: We are ready to reserve rooms for those needing it, and having a pre-trip meal set up isf the group wants it. We've done a lot of these and they are a good way to have a relaxed meeting to know everyone.
If folks want this set up please let us know by posting how many for rooms and for the meal.

Misc.: Loaner equipment and sponsor goods. We got sponsors from below, and some good stuff being donated. Will mention again, that we have a Tuna topwater baitcaster and a TLD 20 and a TLD 20II not being used, and will loan it out to anyone from the group going. The "break it, lose it, pay for it" agreement will apply to these rigs.
If anyone going wants to consider a loaner rig or if someone wants to offer to loan a rig, post up, maybe something can be done.
Anything else?
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I have an awesome jigging or bait set up to loan if someone wants/needs it:

Seeker Blacksteel CJBF65H- with SiC guides and a Tiburon SST 8 with spectra and a short mono topshot of 60 lb. Ande. The reel is an automatic 2 speed so you don't have to worry about shifting gears.

The reel just came back from Tiburon service and will work well.

Contact me and we can work a plan to get it to you for the trip.

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Ok. I need two rooms for the night and four persons for the meal on thursday night. How do I place t-shirt orders and to whom? thanks.

i will need any gear available for two persons. The other two will be covered.



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Please add 2 more medium sort sleeve t-shirt for me.
So total for me:
Long sleeve shirt 1 small and 1 medium
short sleeve shirt 1 small and 3 medium

I will need 1 room and Rue and I will joint the group for pre trip dinner.

We really appreciate your hard work.

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Here are three options for the final shirt design. I will email all three hi-res files to T.O.O. Please let me know if I should make any other adjustments. I know there may still be more sponsors to add, so just send me their logo files. My email: [email protected]. Thanks.


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All right folks, lets put it to a vote. Rue has done an excellent job on the design. We need to put it together and finalize sponsors, so we can be ready for printing when needed.
Vote for one design. Each person going can vote or use the group number of votes. (ex.-Mudskipper has 2 total vote) No cross forum voting, know how sneaky some of you are! ;)
All we need is the number for your vote.

1. open background
2. Texas Flag, open background
3. Flag and splash

The cost per shirt we posted is based on 36 shirts, if we get to 72 or more shirts we can look at two designs, but until we get to 72 or more we will deal with one design.

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