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Texas Bluewater Blowup 06 formerly known as CTTB

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Just an update for those going on the Texas Bluewater Blowup 06.
We have a new sponsor, Ringed Hooks www.ringedhooks.com We welcome them to the trip and we know the jigs and hooks they are sending will be throughly tested and reported on. Many thanks to Mudskipper for the leg work. Way to go, Skippy.
The menu has taken a turn for the better, with the food ideas being finalized this week. Cost will be under $35 a person, guaranteed, unless perishable good costs rise out of sight within two months. You will like the menu. We will submit the final cost and menu for approval and folks can vote yes or no. There will need to be a minimum of 25 people on board for the food deal to happen.
The t-shirts situation had gotten a couple of last minute bids and ideas for designs. We are expecting the ideas to be ready soon. We got sizes and numbers from some folks, please let us know what you need if you haven't, and you can post it here or over on 360tuna.
We are still looking for the "killer-est" design, if anyone wants to submit a design with a yellowfin tuna blowing up on a topwater feel free to email it to us at [email protected] or post it here. We'll include a free t-shirt to you as a token of appreciation.
We've gotten some media interested in going as mentioned, so we'll see what could happen and go from there. If the group does not want the trip publized, post that opinion as well.
Pleas remember the August 24th deadline for the final payment, including fuel surcharge, t-shirt, and meals.
If we've forgotten something please let us know, but this is the basic stuff needed to known right now.
Sea Crappie has asked to be on standby , at the bottom of the list and has been added there.
Texas Bluewater Blowup 06 is spnsored by www.2coolfishing.net, www.360tuna.com, and www.ringedhooks.com
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TJ, we figure the deadline for the shirts to be the same as the charter deadline, so august 24th. OK with you and the group? We'd like one big final payment per person or group.
We've gotten responses from some of the group on shirts, menu, sponsors, and other stuff, but we need more folks to respond.
We need to decide on the shirt color, white, tan, gray, or blue. Everyone can feel free to post their sizes, long or short sleeve, number of shirts and color choice here or on 2cool. The more shirts ordered the lower the cost. Design has not been acceptable to us, most t-shirt people we've dealt with are making the tuna and Aj look like a wimp, not mean or tough looking.
Also we need votes from everyone to decide on whether they want brisket, smoked chicken, or 1/2 lb of each for the Saturday meal. Folks can choose from those three options and can post their choices here or there on 2cool.
I had read about maybe using a kite for tuna, was that you TJ? That would be way cool for folks to see that.
Folks need to let Bellyup know about a big fish pool, or big tuna pool if wanted as we figure that someone would like to make up some of the expenses on this trip. LOL
I want to see Rue'hoo wear one of Mont's shirt, someone has got to take a picture of that.
Does everyone going have the proper rigs for chunking, deep drops, etc? Might look at who has tackle to loan, with a lose it or bust it, you pay for it understanding.
I got two TLD 20's one 1 speed, one 2 speed, and a nice topwater tuna rig for folks to borrow if they want. I don't use them anymore.
Don't forget the piggy patrol the morning or day before, might be better than relying on the bait stops on the way out. If everyone that can catches 10-15 piggies say 20 people, that can be 200-300 baits in the well. Should be able to catch a few AJ's, snapper, etc on that many baits.
I'll post this as well on the boat pooling post up top.
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I am for 1/2 chicken and 1/2 birsket for the Saturday meal.

I think Minnow and Deep Blue Gulf are both bringing kites.

The piggy patrol is a very good idea. I may be able to get my group involved, but that is a big maybe since most of them are coming in from out of town.

One XL short sleeve for me. No wimpy tuna.
Got it.
No wimpy tuna.
1/2 chicken and 1/2 brisket for Rue and I.
T-shirt, are 1 small and 1 medium short sleeve, 1 small and 1 medium long sleeve.

Rue is designning the Tshirt design, will be ready 2 weeks time, unless some one come up with one.

I will have kite and 48" baloon, helium tank with me.
There is this new tackle shop "Ocean Tackle International" that might be interested in sponsoring the trip, I will post if I find out more.
1/2 and 1/2 on the food for my group.
4 large and 4 xl on the shirts
The balance of payment for the Texas Bluewater Blowup '06 is in the mail and should be on the way to Freeport soon. We have ordered the shirts, and they are to go to the printer today.
Menu prices are continuing to be finalized with the intent to try to bring the cost down as much as possible. It looks like we got a few extra goodies on the menu, more on that as the trip gets closer.
Bellyup and I discussed some options for the trip regarding fishing styles and techniques and after he talks to Captain Frank, he'll be offering the ideas to the group.
As of this point, it's just a matter of the group focusing on teamwork, friendship and helping out. Do that and be aware of your surroundings when the bite is on and everything will be fine.
Mudskipper explained to me the way the Big E tags it's big fish and how they keep the smaller fish chilled.
He and Bellyup will hopefully talk about this and then Bellyup can let Captain Frank know what the charter wants to do regarding fish care.
Bellyup will coordinate the fishing ideas when he has talked to everyone, either email or posting up here and on 360tuna, so look for that.
What is left is:
Piggy perch patrol if possible for the group the day before and the day of the trip, and considering the gratuity situation. Again, Bellyup will have suggestions on that.
Lodging and a pre-trip meal the night before. We got a few folks that asked to reserve rooms as well as few have expressed an interest in the pre-trip meal. Please let us know as by September 8th we will want to make reservations for Thursday night lodging and the dinner.
Drinks: Please remember as of now drinks of any kind are currently not a part of the menu package, but as we get to the final expense, we will see if we can get the group water, tea, or other non-alcoholic drinks within the $35 cost. Stay tuned for that a bit later.
As a business we would like to recommend real moderation with alcohol while on board. This is not an alcohol free trip, but the reason you are there is to fish. Alcohol induced problems will be dealt with quickly. Just a friendly reminder and suggestion.
With as many groups going, it might be a good idea to consolidate the drinks into one or two ice chests for each group as to cut down on space on the boat.
Couple of notices:
Deep Blue Gulf: we emailed you and haven't heard back, please contact us to make sure we got everything in order for you.
Mike in Woodlands: expect an email from us soon with a few questions.

TJ: Would a 360tuna pool wager be acceptable for the big tuna and non shark other fish? Or does that run into problems? Kind of figuring on taking offers to buy a spot on picking the big tuna and big non-tuna in return for couple of good offshore fishing prizes. Let me know if that's OK or not.
BTW, I know who my pick would be. ;)
Final stretch now, so folks if there is anything needing to be asked or requested the time is now.
Everyone has our office and my mobile number and email address so holler at us if you need something.
TBB 06: Sponsored by: www.360tuna.com,www.2coolfishing.com, www.ringedhooks.com, www.seamagiclures.com Ocean Tackle International, Inc, & Grandads Fishing Tackle.
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