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OK, I will talk with TOO and volunteer to being the chartermaster for this trip. If anyone objects (or already is the chartermaster), let me know. I have been on the Big E twice and about 5 other overnight long range trips, so I feel comfortable with the task. I will post on 2cool as well. All input is welcome and we can see what we can make happen. Here are some areas and ideas to address. Please add more.

1. Food--I am fine with TOO supplying food for a small fee. That way, I can still bring some food to eat between meals. Less stuff to carry is all the better, IMO.

2. Burlap bags--I don't want any and I do not think we should be responsible to lug fish around and down 200 feet of dock. I think we should adjust tips accordingly if we have to deal with burlap bags, warm fish, and fish slime. This isn't a 100 person snapper trip. The deckhands should be able handle 35 fishermen and we can tip them very well if the job is done well. I am willing to help bleed and tag my own fish to help them as well.

3. Tips--I think 10-15+ % unless we deal with burlap bags. We can collect part of the tip upfront to show the deckhands we are serious about a good tip for a trip well done.

4. We need to determine how we want to handle tackle and gear in the galley. I don't think we need to restrict the area to all tackle, but table hogging will not be tolerated.

5. Fishing techniques--how about a serious night drop for swordfish? SHould we organize this? How about kites?

6. Live bait--how much do we want and when should we start getting it. Are those that refuse to catch live bait welcome to use it?

7. Do we need to have a little intro to tuna fishing when we get on the boat? Maybe some snacks and we can all meet in the galley to talk techniques, rigging, fighting, communication while casting and fighting fish? I think this can go a long way. Let me know if anyone is interested in leading this discussion and show and tell. You do not have to indulge all your secrets!

8. Bottom fishing policies--best way to avoid tangles, fishing spots on the boat, etc.

9. Fish ID--best ways to mark your fish

10. Fish handling--bleeding--we can tell the deckhands how we prefer it done. Once againg, this could be incorporated into their tips if done the way we would most prefer.

11. Fish Handling after the trip--getting the fish to the weigh area, cleaning fish, etc. This is an issue and solutions would be great.

12. Big fish contestst--Should we do it? In Oct I had the second or third largest non tuna fish and no one really paid attention to the pot. I ended up forgettig to grab my winnings.

13. Tackle policies?

14. Sponsors and shirts?

15. TV--They have DVDs. Anyone want to bring videos, fish videos, etc.

Let me know. I will post on 2 cool later.

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Bellyup, thanks for stepping up to be our charter master.

1.Rue and I are fine with TOO supplying food. How many people want meals included in this trip?

2.I have never been on the Big E, so I can't comment on that but it will be nice if the deckhand can take care of our catch for us.I am also willing to help bleed and tag our fish.

3.From my last few charter trips, we usually pre-tip half to the mate as soon as we finish loading our gear then another half at the end of the trip. 15-20% will be fine for me as long as the deck hand does a good job.

4. We need to determine how we want to handle tackle and gear in the galley. I don't think we need to restrict the area to all tackle, but table hogging will not be tolerated.
4. I would think tackle rigging should be allowed in the galley while on the way to the fishing ground. I would have to agree with you that no table hogging will be allowed.

5. It would be nice to drop for swordfish, but on a big charter like this one it seems to be not a good idea. The reason is we only can drift so many lines at once. there is no way we gonna drift with 35 lines at once but if we can get every body to agree on trying for swordfish. It's do-able to drift 8-15 lines. We can put each person name in the jar and draw for positions. I can get big squid from Asian market.
Kite fishing is a must in my opinion, it gives opportunity for people who don't have casting gear or people who have a harder time casting. Also it's fun to watch.

6.We will try to catch as many live bait as we can, btw how big of a live well is on Big E?
We can start catching bait the day before and on our way out. It will be hard to enforce those people who don't help catch bait. Who gonna watch the livewell?

7. If there is a newbie to tuna fishing on this trip, it will be very good idea to have a show-and-tell which is also a good chance to know each other. I don't mind to volunteer to share stand-up fishing tecnique and making top-shot and wind-on leader.

8. the best way to avoid tangle in bottom fishing is to have enough weight for your rig and also always follow your fish at all time.JMO

9. Fish ID--colored cable tie and colored nylon line will be use to identify your catch, but hmmmmm how many colors are available.

12. Big fish contests--Should we do it? we can if we want to but have to be able to weight or measure the lengh and grid the fish onboard instead of waiting to get back to the dock.

14. Sponsors and shirts? I believe TOO is working on Tshirt.

15. TV--They have DVDs. Anyone want to bring videos, fish videos, etc.
I might have few jigging DVD.

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1. Food either way is fine with me,
2. screw the burlap bags, they can bleed and Ice our fish when they are caught,
-On the Capt. John they do this just fine, at times when the fishing is fast there might be 6 or 8 fish on the deck as the deckies get organized but they can easily tag our fish and keep them iced as we countinue fishing.

3. 10- 15% tipping is not a problem
4.No tackle table hogging but we can allow a rod and fisherman rig up in good light.
5. SWORDFISHING- as much as I really want to do this, I guess we need to consider how many will have the capibilities to actually fish for them.
It takes proper gear to fish for the broard bills and if we get into a big one there is little chance of landing it since we cant chase it.
At night, arnt we there to catch tuna. But I really want to do the Kite THING !

6. Live bait- if you catch it you can use it, honor system please.....thou there is allways 1 or 2 who abuse it.

7. TUNA Class- You can tune a car, you can tune a guitare, BUT you cant tuna-fish.... ha...I like the idea, held in the galley on the way out, if you dont want to be apart, dont hang out in the galley at the time

8. Bottom fishing policies- move if a hooked up fisherman comes thru. Spots will not belong to one person, The back of the boat should have a rotation that is allways moving. Tangles are just the way it goes on big boats and 35+ lines

9. Marking your fish can be done easily with survayers tape and a blk marker
They do this on the Capt John

10. Bleeding- I am with the majority here, but I eat my tuna raw and need it bleed properly with minimum loss of meat

11. I have allways had issues with the proper care of my fish at the dock.
I can care less about a group picture ( no offence ) if my meat is going to suffer. Get me my fish quickly so I can get it iced down and to the fillet table of my choice. I will be taking my fish to some where else to have it prepared for consumption. - Sushi Style -

12. $20 big fish/ Tuna pot, $10 for non tuna/ shark pot

13. Tackle policies- jigs get real expensive out there on the water !
Bring what you need, but dont bring the kitchen sink

14. Sponsers- FTU? Islanders? Academy (yea right)? I will make some calls
WE need shirts FOR sure- I like the idea of the Tuna busting a top water.

15. what ever dvd's you want to bring, I can grab some new releases at Blcokbuster

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Well so much for getting the posting going.
Here is what I posted on 2cool:

Hey, nobody wants to make suggestions or ask questions?

Here is a few:
Name change: how about Texas Bluewater Blowup '06? Got a few votes is favor of this, and it sounds 2cool and 360tuna all around OK, IMHO.

Need a piggy perch bait run the day before and the morning of the trip, if those that can make it will do it. AJ/Snapper candy there.

T-shirts- post up if you want t-shirts, how many, size, and long or short. This is a influence from Cinco Tuna, ut if the group wants it, post up and we'l get it done.

We've got several sponsors interested in providing stuff already, one local(Texas), and two international inexchange for exposure.

Pre-trip meal- if any of the group wants to meet the night before, they'll need a place and a time to meet in Freeport. We know a lot of folks are houston area, but if the out of towners will be staying over night, then the group could have dinner and meet everyone that shows up.

Comments on these things or anything else?

Appreciate you taking the lead on this Scott, you'll do a fine job.

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This the same post as below in the lounge, just so folks will know
We've gotten responses from some of the group on shirts, menu, sponsors, and other stuff, but we need more folks to respond.
We need to decide on the shirt color, white, tan, gray, or blue. Everyone can feel free to post their sizes, long or short sleeve, number of shirts and color choice here or on 2cool. The more shirts ordered the lower the cost. Design has not been acceptable to us, most t-shirt people we've dealt with are making the tuna and Aj look like a wimp, not mean or tough looking.
Also we need votes from everyone to decide on whether they want brisket, smoked chicken, or 1/2 lb of each for the Saturday meal. Folks can choose from those three options and can post their choices here or there on 2cool.
I had read about maybe using a kite for tuna, was that you TJ? That would be way cool for folks to see that.
Folks need to let Bellyup know about a big fish pool, or big tuna pool if wanted as we figure that someone would like to make up some of the expenses on this trip. LOL
I want to see Rue'hoo wear one of Mont's shirt, someone has got to take a picture of that.
Does everyone going have the proper rigs for chunking, deep drops, etc? Might look at who has tackle to loan, with a lose it or bust it, you pay for it understanding.
I got two TLD 20's one 1 speed, one 2 speed, and a nice topwater tuna rig for folks to borrow if they want. I don't use them anymore.
Don't forget the piggy patrol the morning or day before, might be better than relying on the bait stops on the way out. If everyone that can catches 10-15 piggies say 20 people, that can be 200-300 baits in the well. Should be able to catch a few AJ's, snapper, etc on that many baits.
Snagged has 1,000 tags he's bringing and TJ is donating Sharpie markers to id the tags, so the group is good there. Personally, I'd etch my number, initial's, etc, on the paddle end and then write over it with the Sharpie to make sure the tag can be ID'ed easily.
Bellyup will contact Captain Frank and make sure the Tuna are bleed properly, as well as make sure the snapper and other biggies are tagged and put on ice quickly. Once a non-tuna is tagged it should be put in the ice brine, not left on deck. Not acceptable. This is a private charter and the majority of the folks can drag or carry their snapper/AJ/Grouper, etc to the bine box. We'll make sure the fish get chilled quickly.
In the past on other trips we've put together, we've all shared the bait no matter who caught it. The idea is to be helpful for everyone involved, that's what a private charter has going for it over an open boat. Some folks might not be able to get down there in time to catch piggies, but if 20 people can catch 10-20 a piece that should be a good start on the bait numbers. It made me smile the first time a complete novice used a piggy, dropped deep and hooked and fought a 40 lb AJ. Was worth the effort to put that trip together watching that. Looking out for and helping others experience a great fishing trip makes the Private charters worthwhile. Just my dos centavos on that.
Going to cut and paste these posts on 2cool for everyone to see.

The Texas Bluewater Blowup '06 is sponsored by 360tuna.com, 2collfishing.net, and www.ringedhooks.com

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Here you go, Smoke. This is the lineup for the trip, barring any changes.
Even listed their main board trolling, 360tuna or 2cool. LOL

1. Deep Blue Gulf- both
2. starshine - 2cool
3. Bellyup(Scott Lamp)- both
4. Frank Meszaros- none
5. Dan Erbacher- none
6. Bellyup(Frank’s Neighbor)- none
7. Rich White- none
8. Jeff Kaplan- none
9. LawrenceM- none
10. mike in woodlands- 2cool
11. mike in woodlands-2cool
12. T3- both
13. T3-both
14. T3-both
15. Skawlded Dog- 2cool
16. StxFisherman- 2cool
17. Mudskipper- both
18. Mudskipper-2cool
19. jt2hunt(Jason Tiemann)- both
20. jt2hunt(Amy Tiemann)- none
21. jt2hunt(Dave Preston)-none
22. jt2hunt- none
23. Minnows- 360tuna
24. RueHoo-360tuna
25. Mont-2cool
26. Cat O’ Lies-2cool
27. Cat O’ Lies-2cool
28. alw-2cool
29. alw-2cool
30. ghenderson- 2cool
31. ghendrson-2cool
32. ghenderson-2cool
33. Wahoo-Yahoo- 2cool
34. Galveston1602-both
35. Snagged 2cool

Couple of things to think about for the group going.
Lodging- With the groups permission, we can see about getting a better group rate if possible for those needing to stay the night in Freeport on Thursday. Believe there are a few motels close by to Captain Elliott's. Please post up if you need a room, how many and smoking or not. If someone needs to share a room, we can get them matched up on this post.
Pre-trip meal- Suggest those that are spending the night Thursday meet up at a local diner to met and get to know each other. Say 7 pm? Just need suggestions on where to meet.
Piggy Patrol- Got a few volunteers to catch piggies, the more caught, the better for not relying on bait stops on the way out. Figure that folks can catch them before the meal and the morning of the trip.
Shirts- RueHoo is making the design, and will hopefully have it ready for approval by this weekend. Right now the only sponsors are www.360tuna.com, www.2coolfishing.net, and www.ringedhook.com. We can use more sponsors!
The best price we have received so far with 47 shirts currently to be ordered is $14 per short sleeve, and $17 for long sleeves. That is for Smalls to X-Large. The XXL, XXXL, and XXXXL will be a bit more.
If we get above 50 shirts most places come down a bit in price, so if someone wants a shirt and has not ordered let us know.
Final cost- We should be able to send out a final cost to everyone by August 14th. That will give folks until August 24th to get payment to us for to meet the cancellation deadline. We expect the trip to go, but we got to cover everyone's interest and cost's for the trip.
Loaner tackle- Not sure if it is cool to suggest, but personally we can loan a TLD 20I, a TLD20II and a topwater casting rig with a Penn 525 to those needing it. If anyone is wanting to loan a rig to those going, please post up. To those that do borrow, "the you break it or lose it, you pay for it" rule applies here.
Again just a suggestion on that.
Pooling fish- If everyone is OK with pooling the balckfina and other species that are not "top desired" fish, Yellowfin, AJ's, snapper, wahoo, etc, we suggest that the group pool the fish and divide the catch to those that either have fewer fish or want to take a few more home. Would think blackfin would be the main pool fish to consider for this. I personally will take any Blackfin folks don't want.
If anyone has any other suggestions, idea's, or thoughts, let's hear them.

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I would like to keep the larger BF's and pool the smaller ones for bait. I did not catch any YF's the last trip I made. I kept 20 BF's and pooled the rest. The BF are very good to eat. Just as good as YF.

There is usually less than 1 YF caught per person.

None of the fish on that trip were big except 1 YF appprox 120lbs . The BF were 5-10lbs.

There were seven deck hands on the trip I was on in April. Seemed like enough to gaf, bleed and brine fish.

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Pre-arranged lodging sounds good to me.
Rue and I would like to participate in piggy patrol, pre trip meal ( Willie Joe's is prefered but will go With what the group decide).

We are planning to keep only 2 tuna (black or yellow), few snappers and grouper, the rest will go to pooled, cook and chunk.

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#3 will be the design for the TBB 06, with a white shirt. As soon as we get the file to shirt makers, we get a final cost and collect the funds.
As of right now the cost for meals is accurate or a bit less than the $35, as is the $12.56 for shirts, plus the extra for pockets, Mont size shirts, etc. So right now we are very hopeful we can go under the posted prices for food, shirts, etc.
As for those that want to buy a shirt but are not on TBB 06, email us at [email protected] and we'll buy for those that want shirts. More on that later next week.
We got a few folks on the charter that have not posted or emailed if they want a shirt. We need to know yes or no.

Hot fish: We and Belly up will discuss what is wanted regarding the fish on hot surfaces and go from there. Then Captain Elloitt's will be contacted and that concern will be addressed as well as others.

Anything else right now?
TBB 06: Sponsored by www.2coolfishing.net www.360tuna.com www.ringedhooks.com, Ocean Tackle International, Inc & Grandads Fishing Tackle

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Posted to 2cool, copied here!
I Thought Id let yall know that I got a great piece of news today concerning the trip,
Islanders Custom Tackle has offered to become a sponsor of this trip. I thought Chris would come here and let the cat out of the bag but, I know hes been really busy lately so, I get to do it!

Chris and I have been talking about this for a while and he is going to be sending a couple of his "dragonfly" Jigging rods (and reels) as well as some various other goodies from the store, assuredly including some of those famous tuna hunters for us to try on the trip. I think we'll have to beat the paint off the lures and stretch the rods to the max and let him know how excelent they really are!!!! This should be a great opportunity for us on the trip to try out some things that we might not ordinarily have access to.

The only real clause with his rods and reels since they are borrowed is "if you break it you buy it". I think this is only fair.

Personally I think Chris has probably the best selection of offshore (tuna) tackle in the area and hes definetly got all the other stores beat on great personalized customer service.

FWIW -- I am not related to chris or his business just a very satisfied customer.

Also, for the shirt coordinators/designers, I should be getting the logo that Chris would like included by tomorrow, I will forward it on ASAP

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Hey Galv!

That is excellent news!

You're right about Chris! IMO, his willingness to spend time on the floor with his customers is why I try to spend my money at the family-owned shops.
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