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I'm thinking of becoming a tree hugger. My new years resolution is to get rid of all fuel burning cars, boats, and trucks. I'm gonna buy a kayak and become water friendly. I can launch it anywhere I please and just paddle my way around the kayak trails near the lighthouse in the Lydia Ann channel. That's where I'll meet my new fly fisherman environmentalist friends. We can sip on herbal tea and talk about green peace and the sierra club.

I guess I'll have to buy a bicycle and make a trailer to tow the kayak behind me on my way to the coast. So, Mcgolfer if you see a guy in the future at the floaters in a kayak, it's me and I've gotten in great shape to make it that distance.

MY GOD, that has to be the biggest dream ever created. How much did you have to drink. Your MR UN-ENVIROMENT. Isn't one of your favorite quotes "Concrete the earth"?
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