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Based on the older “Paulus” test, I bought several spools of J8 line.
I had just filled a my OJ 2001 reel with 500m J8 40lb braid when my son asked to test it. We were both surprised that the line broke at 23-25 lbs. This was not a good result. The line never broke at the knots (Palomar). We checked 4 times.
The test was repeated on another reel spooled with J8 40lb off a 300m spool. It broke at 38-39lb.
A third test on another new 500m spool resulted in 38.5-40.5
All line was recently purchased at the same time. Test were simple using a digital scale.
Is it a common problem for braided line to break below it’s stated strength?
Has the manufacturing process changed that much over 5 years?
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