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    Ok need some help here. I have the PR knot down so I can tie off my main line to my leader, but now I need some help on a knot for my leader to the bait.
    I am using oti 80lb braid and 80lb flourocarbon leader. I will be throwing top water poppers. My tackle that I will be using is a Saragosa 18000 on a tuna sniper 60-80lb.
    I need a great knot to keep on yft in 40-80 lb range and maybe bigger and hope for anything else that my run across my hook.
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    I always use a palomar on 80lb flouro with no probs.

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    here is the one i use. i used to use a uni or san diego but switched once i tried this knot. easy to tie and very strong

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    After a lot of research and testing, I would say that there are only small differences in knot strength among the choices that you have for terminal tackle knots, and have come to the conclusion that ability to tie a perfect version of the knot you select is more important than which one you choose.

    If you want the greatest strength, tie a Bimini Twist and connect to your tackle with an Offshore Swivel knot. I'm not advocating it but it is strongest.

    If you want this final knot to be your fuse (a knot a little weaker than your others so that the fish you lose aren't swimming around with line connected to them) which I recommend, I have two suggestions: Uni and Palomar. Each of these knots will deliver, roughly, a 30% reduction in line strength (not 30% below the box number but 30% below what your line actually breaks at). Since actual line strength varies from the box number, test it.

    Both the Palomar and Uni can easily be mastered, there are tens of thousands of hours of on water experience and both have good Stability (That means they hold together under unexpected, such as sideways, forces.)

    I have seen both of these tied incorrectly, with crossing wraps, etc., so I would get them down pat. Otherwise, you can expect more than a 30% reduction in strength.

    P.S. There have been other good knots suggested in this thread. If you like them better--test their actual breaking strength so that you are fully confident. With that confidence you can maximize your pressure on the fish.
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    I always use a palomar on 80lb flouro with no probs.

    Same here. I have never had it fail. The only thing I don't like about the palomar the way it lays against the lure. It doesn't lay in a straight line. I don't think that matters with poppers or if one is using a split ring.