Temple Reef USA: STK and Ronin Packable 3 piece rods shipping now!

Discussion in 'Sponsor Market Place' started by Boston Tangler, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. Boston Tangler

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    Travel to remote destinations with rod in hand, right on the plane in the overhead bins!

    Now Shipping Butt Joint and Spline Jointed rods, every bit as strong as a one piece rod. Same action as regular STK and Ronins.

    STK Expedition 76H w carry case $600
    Ronin Expedition 83-6 w carry case $629
    Ronin Expedition 83-8 w carry case $639
    Ronin Expedition 8-10 w carry case $649

    Plus a hole line of 1+ packable jigging rods is coming in very soon (June 1)

    and on Amazon!

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  2. GiantSquid

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    I'm a huge fan of travel rods so don't take this the wrong way - but can they actually be carried onto the plane? I've brought trout/redfish stuff on the plane before. But most of the airline regs prohibit fishing rods in the cabin unless its a fly rod (not that they could tell the difference). The first two sections of a 3pc GT rod seem big enough to whoop someone with so I've always been afraid to try carrying the on.

  3. Boston Tangler

    Boston Tangler Site Sponsor

    So far clients reporting they are taking them on the plane without issue, airline personnel don't seem to mind the "soft" case... of course I'm not the airline and personally I find its all in how you ask and how you treat them