Temple Reef Levitate Slow Pitch Rods (2018 Bamboo LTd Edition)

Discussion in 'Sponsor Market Place' started by Boston Tangler, Nov 21, 2017.

  1. Boston Tangler

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    Hey Gang pleased to report the newest Levitate Bamboo Ltd. Edition rods are arriving very shortly. In stock we have the entire Temple Reef line + the 2017 Levitate Magenta Rods.


    Likely there will be some special promotions for Thanksgiving Weekend ....
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  2. kellerman2006

    kellerman2006 Well-Known Member

    What is different with the magenta line of levitates? Is that just the color of the purple iridescent line?
  3. Boston Tangler

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    Yes thats correct the blank is the same the differences are purely cosmetic. Also in the magenta rods there is an ultra light the -0 whereas the Bamboo Ltd starts at the -1
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  4. lqwdhigh

    lqwdhigh Member

    So what will the thanksgiving deals be?
  5. Boston Tangler

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    All Black Devil Blanks in stock are 50% off regular price

  6. Boston Tangler

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    I've never had a complaint here in the USA never seen one come back and I've abused mine and I know a few others that fish it fairly "hard"... If that was Pierre down in Panama I'm not sure I read the post but he never mentioned it to me directly yet
  7. ballywho

    ballywho Well-Known Member

    Hey Dan, the guy he is talking about is not me but I did moan as well about that. Love the rod and action but those guides are way to weak and small for my liking. I already told my feelings to Randy. I replaced 6 of them with rings from another slow-jigging rod. I think Temple Reef should definitely correct that.
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  8. benwah22

    benwah22 Well-Known Member

    I think you may be using too large a diameter line. I almost never use a leader larger than 50lb, and never above 60lbs. The purpose of smaller guides is to have the line as close to the rod as possible - to increase sensitivity. If you change the guides from what it was designed, it will affect the action of the rod.

    If you are using the higher test leader for abrasion resistance, one option may be to only use a small 1-2ft piece as a trace to your main leader. This allows the line to remain close to the rod, and gives you some extra abrasion resistance if that's what you need.
  9. Boston Tangler

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    Gang anyone that pre-ordered a Levitate Ltd (Individually serial numbered) they are out via UPS tonight - I drove down to UPS and made the 7PM cut off. Hoping all the Florida guys will have them if not Friday surely Monday!
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  10. bnz

    bnz Just a guy who likes to fish

    I have had more than one guide replaced on my levitate. It is not from the line but from normal travel bumps that the guides will bend (and even lost rings). I am currently having my rod builder replace the guides with small MN guides like I use on my jigging and popping rods. He says the titanium guides used on the levitate are also used on fly rods.

    Im with Pierre in that I love the blank but those guides need to be changed. I don’t believe it’s going to change the action of the rod that much. Will find out next week in Puerto Vallarta if we do some near shore stuff for snapper and grouper. Will be bringing the rod with me.
  11. Boston Tangler

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    Best to check the site, we do have a bunch of good promotions