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    The bulk of a rizzuto whether tied to finish a PR or an FG typically comes when its tied over the tag it should be tied over the mainline outside the tag end of the leader. Many are not using a rizzuto & use a series of overhand knots after the counter rotating half hitches.
    Can assure you tied correctly using the same leader & mainline sizes an FG is smoother thru the guides than a PR & more secure after running in & out the guides than a PR . Many only use a PR for jigging with the knot going thru the guides at low speed & low tension dropping the jig, rather than the high speed of a fullblown cast.
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    Agree with the fg being thinner. It’s the one I use most. However there are some braid to fluoro connections (using specific varieties of braid combined with specific fluorocarbons) that are stronger with the PR. That said, given both knots are properly tied, we may very well be splitting atoms here. I haven’t had an FG knot fail, but I’m very anal about the knot looking perfect or I retie