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Discussion in 'Tackle and Rigging' started by jt2hunt, Aug 6, 2006.

  1. jt2hunt

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    What rigging, excluding rods and reels, can I buy at Cabela's in Austin that would work for the Sept trip. Hooks for chunks? brand and size. Leader material. Rings, etc. I am a newbie, so any info would be appreciated.


  2. jt2hunt

    jt2hunt Senior Member

    i see on charkbait they have a weekly special on abalone butterfly type jigs. Are these any good for tuna on the big E?? Also, the large offshore tackle bag?? Anyone use one like this, is it seviceable for these types of trips?

  3. Minnow

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    I am not sure what Cabela's have in stock, but here are few items you might want to consider for our September trip.

    1. 7/0, 9/0, 12/0, Mustad Demon 39965B circle hooks, Eagle claw L2004 or L
    2005, Owner mutu or super mutu or Gamakatsu circle hooks for chunking
    And live bait fishing. These are just the brand I have use before, all other
    Brand of hooks will work too. I use mustad demon hooks to compare to other brands,
    the actual size of the hook. Do not base on the size on the package. Each company have
    a different size (not standard). J-hooks for trolling lure Owner 11/0 model #.5192-211
    long shank trolling hook (good for ballyhoo Ilander combo) , Owner Jobu, Mustad
    7691SS size based on your trolling lure ( measure the widest gap of your lure), and your
    hook gap should be slightly bigger than your lure.

    2.Mono leader for lure and AJ and grouper rig, 150#, 200# and 300# for
    trolling lure. Fluorocarbon leader 50#, 80# and 100#. 80# single strand wire
    leader for light trolling lure like Ilander for Wahoo.

    3.Split ring 300-400# for your poppers and your jigs.

    4. Assist hooks that have a wider gap than the widest part of your jig.

    5. Top-shot and wind-on leader, if cabelas doesn’t have it. I can make some for you, just
    let me know the size and length.

    6. barrell swivels and ball bearing swivels 80, 100, 150, 200 and 300 #
  4. Minnow

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    Are you talking about SPRO's Sushi Spoon ?

    I think it will work just as good as others, but it's kind of too light if we have a strong current. Just keep in mind we are fishing deeper water for YFT, heavier jig is preffered. JMO