TBB 08 one spot open, possibly 2

Discussion in 'Boat Pooling' started by TOO, Jul 29, 2008.

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    Folk, we got one spot open on TBB 08 on the Big E from September 5th-7th, 2008 due to a person having to sell his spot. We may have another spot open, we'll know in a week or two.
    The cost per spot is $762 and that includes the fuel surcharge that U.E. has applied to TBB 08 and Seite Tuna.
    If you wish to buy the 3 meals a day, including steak one night, that is an additional $40 per spot, and (believe us it is worth the $40) the cost will be $802 total.
    If interested, call us at (210)215-3877 or email us at [email protected] if interested and we'll get you situated.
    We have a deadline of August 4th, 2008 for the final deposit to be in U.E. so we'll need to procede with haste if interested in buying this spot.
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    Spot for sale has been bought. There will be Margarita's on board TBB 08.
    We'll post if need to for the possible open spot if it comes open.