TBB 07 updated -One open spot 9-07-09 Big E 52 hour trip

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    Folks, we have one spot open on the TBB 07 if someone is willing to take that spot. The gentlemen that has this spot will go if there is no taker but he has a situation that came up and is willing to sell the spot at cost of $790.

    The TBB 07 charter is a 52 hour charter departing this Friday at 11 am, returning at 4 pm Sundy 9-07-07 to 9-09-07

    TBB 07 is a 35 person limited load trip and it includes 3 meals a day, plus a big meat type snack each afternoon. The limited load and meal cost raises the cost of the trip.

    Either a paypal payment plus 4% or cash at the dock Friday morning.

    If interest call (210) 215-3877 or email me at [email protected]