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We've gotten a lot of folks not going on the TBB '06 interested in ordering the shirt.
We will be taking orders for those that want to buy a shirt or two for the basically same price as the TBB 06'ers pay,but rounded up, plus $1.00 per shirt that will be paid to 360tuna for allowing the TBB 06 on here.
The $1.44 will go to 360tuna.
If our negotiation allows us to lower the total cost, we will lower these costs. Hopefully final prices will be nailed down Tuesday.

Prices are as follows:
Short sleeve
$14.00 w/o pocket
$16.00 w/pocket
Long sleeve $18.00

If we get above 72 total shirts the cost for non-TBB 'ers will be:
Small to XL
$12.00 w/o pocket
$14.00 w/pocket
Long sleeve $17.00
Please, please email us at [email protected] if interested. We will be on 2cool and 360tuna very sporadically Tuesday and Wednesday.
Right now our deadline for ordering is Friday August 18th, so we got to have the orders in by then, at 12:00 pm
Here is the final design, except for the front smaller TBB 06 logo, which is still being designed


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Sorry for not posting more precise information.

"For each Additional X, please add $1.00 per shirt. (e.g. XXL = +1.00, XXXL = $2.00, etc.)"

That quote is from the same shirt busines above, so these costs are as follows:
For up to 71 shirts total order
Short Sleeve
XXL : $15.00 w/o pocket
$17.00 w/pocket
XXXL : $16.00 w/o pocket
$18.00 w/pocket
XXXXL: $17.00 w/o pocket
$19.00 w/pocket
Long Sleeve
XXL: $19.00
XXXL: $20.00
XXXXL: $21.00

Above 71 shirts cost for the following sizes:
Short Sleeve
XXL: $13.00 w/o pocket
$15.00 w/pocket
XXXL : $14.00 w/o pocket
$16.00 w/pocket
XXXXL: $15.00 w/o pocket
$17.00 w/ pocket
Long Sleeve:
XXL: $18.00
XXXL: $19.00
XXXXL: $20.00
We've already gotten 10 new orders. We will be sending out a response later this afternoon. It will include payment details.
We will take orders through Friday and then collect payment after we order the amount of shirts needed. We will ask for payment after that.
Paypal is fine, but each order will include a 3.9% fee, as that fee will eat up a chunk of the 360tuna donation. Check, money order, cashiers check is just as good.
Sorry for the incomplete information.
Thanks for the call at 7:15, Robert. LOL

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Just a note, we are ordering the shirts on Friday at 11 am. if you are interested in ordering a shirt, please email us at [email protected] and let us know the size, style, and how many.
We will not order on a posting, only through email confirmation of cost, number of shirts, sizes, styles, etc.

As we sent to everyone in the email, we made a mistake and did not ask for total cost with factory shirt shipping and tax.

To be able to send something to 2cool and 360tuna, the cost per total shirt is as follows:
Short sleeve w/o pockets
Small-XL : $13
XXL :$14
XXXL : $15

Short Sleeve w/pocket
Small-XL : $15
XXL: $16
XXXL : $17
Long Sleeve
Small-XL : $18
XXL: $19
XXXL : $20
Sorry for the mistake, we are not a printing company, so this is new to us.
The cost of the shirts include tax, t-shirt shipping from the factory to the printing company and a little extra towards 360tuna and 2cool.
We will figure out how to get the shirts to everyone without having to ship through Fed Ex, UPS, USPS, etc. Hopefully through the TBB 06 guys.
We are not making any money from this attempt to get a larger order, just trying to lower the TBB 06 groups cost and send a bit of money to 360tuna and 2cool for their generousity in sponsoring the TBB 06.

Ragman, the TFF trip is not a part of the TBB 06, and we are not involved with the TFF shirt order.
Let us know what size, looks like a Large long and large short with no pocket? Correct?
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