TBB 06 Calcutta Bidding Rules

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    Here is the revised official Texas Bluewater Blowup 06 Calcutta post.
    We've made it simple for this charter and maybe if there is another TBB charter in the future we will got to an more specialized set of Categories.

    Rules for the TBB 06 Calcutta:
    1. Each of the 35 paid fishermen can be bid on to catch the heaviest fish on the TBB 06 charter.
    2. High bid from each bidded person will be pooled into one pot.
    3. The heaviest non-shark fish caught while on the TBB 06 charter caught by a bidded fishermen or women will be the winning fish.
    4. The high bidder of the winning fish will recieve 50% of the total pot.
    5. The remainder of the pot will go to 2cool and 360tuna for sponsoring the charter.
    6. Minimum bid is $10.00. All higher bids will be in $1 increments. There is no maximum bid.
    7. You can group bid specific people all at the same price. Different bid prices must be posted seperately.
    8. Bidding is open to everyone, non-TBB 06 and TBB 06'ers.
    9. You must post the name and the amount bidded. Regular names are OK, as well as screen names.
    1. Deadline to bid is 11 am Friday, September 15th, 2006. Be ready to mail or Paypal your high bid then.
    Our address is:
    Texas Outdoor Organizer
    1403 W. Oak Estates Dr.
    San Antonio, Texas 78258

    Hope that is simple enough.

    Payment will be either through Paypal( preferred) at [email protected] or mailing a check to us.
    If you are high bid and want to mail a check, then it needs to be in our possesion by Monday September 18th, 2006.
    If you are high bid and do not send payment then next high bid of the winning fish will be the winner.
    We will confirm the winning fish on Monday Morning.
    The official confirmation comittee will be Bellyup, Mont, Minnow, and Mud skipper.
    Remember this is a contribution to the 360tuna and 2cool forums to support the hosting of the TBB 06.
    All legal methods of catching fish are allowed except trolling. Kite flying, electric reels, handoffs, etc are all allowed. Hand-offs will be the judged on the discretion of the committee. Their decision to us will be final if a hand-off fish is the winning fish.

    We will attempt to post a list of the high bids for each person daily on this thread through Thursday morning. Final bids will be listed when we return from Freeport on Friday. It will be wise though to look through the posts to see who has what bid.
    Remember that bidding is also being done on 2cool so you might check there as well.
    Here is the current line up as of today:

    Deep Blue Gulf


    Bellyup-Scott Lamb

    Frank Meszaros-

    Dan Erbacher-


    Rich White

    Jeff Kaplan-


    mike in woodlands(MikeN)

    mike in woodlands Vince



    T3- Brian C or Sea Crappie

    Skawlded Dog


    Mudskipper Bryan

    Mudskipper Kyle

    jt2hunt(Jason Tiemann)

    jt2hunt(Amy Tiemann)-

    jt2hunt(Dave Preston)-

    jt2hunt -Vance




    Cat O’ Lies-

    Cat O’ Lies buddy


    alw- Brent


    ghenderson- Bill C

    ghenderson- Mike S.

    Robert Tunilla



    Start making your donation now.
    TBB 06: Sponsored by: www.360tuna.com www.2coolfishing.com www.ringedhooks.com, www.seamagiclures.com,Ocean Tackle International, Inc, & Grandads Fishing Tackle.
  2. mcgolfer

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    10 on deep blue gulf
    10 on bellyup
    10 on minnows
    10 on galveston 1602

    just email me too if i am a high bidder on any of these individuals....rick

  3. Dr Jeff

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    My gosh- you said this was gonna be simple. Maybe I'm just old and easily confused. When does this trip take place?
  4. galveston1602

    galveston1602 Senior Member

    trips in 2 weeks 15th...

    I almost agree about simple :)
  5. TOO

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    Gal16, you know this is simple, pick your person, pick the category, and bid high bid until the cost is too much for you risk losing on a bet.
    If you pick right you get 40% or 30% of that total pot. Can't be any simplier.;)
    I'd suggest you bid on yourself! ;)
    Dr.J, look over in the Trip Pooling section and the lounge for the Texas Bluewater Blowup 06 charter. Lots of information there.
  6. Ragman

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    There's plenty of info on the internet dealing with calcutta betting strategy for those that want to study it or really have more fun!
  7. Minnow

    Minnow Administrator

    Can more than one person fights the fish ?
    How about hook and hand?
    Troll fish?
    Use of an electric reel?
    Fish from kite?
  8. TOO

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    We've revised the rules, so folks look over the rules and bid away. Might look over on 2cool as well to make sure you are high bidding.