Tackle dealer(s) in Australia ???

Discussion in 'Down Under' started by Boston Tangler, Jul 7, 2009.

  1. Boston Tangler

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    Good morning all - I've received not less than 6 orders from Australia in the last month. The people are buying my jigs despite the shipping being more costly than the goods!

    Does anymore know of or had experiences with any tackle stores, dealers, reps from the land down under ? I'd like to make contact with someone regarding possible distribution and resale in Australia!
  2. etan

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    I used to buy some tackle from cambellsprotackle.com when the dollar was up. They are a large store.

  3. squidgie

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    There are a number of online stores in AU. The reason we buy from o/s though is that we cant get certain lures here domestically. e.g Shibuki , souls brabus, tacklehouse etc. I get these all from o/s.

    I cant point you specifically to a distributor, but there here are some links to stores. If the moderators dont allow them, please delete and I can PM them.

    Here are some in order of preference for me:
    Fishhead Online
    Campbell's ProTackle

    Fishead has a great range of popping/jigging gear and would have the most in terms of Japanese and overseas equipment not readily available elsewhere.
  4. Boston Tangler

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    Thank you for the list, I will begin process of contacting them. Shipping is very expensive to send over one order at a time, makes sense to try to find some dealers to carry the jig bags over there. Thanks again - Dan