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Discussion in 'Reels' started by crazy8, Oct 19, 2009.

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    I recently got one of these in the gold flavor from my gf as a gift for my b-day. Spooled it with 65# braid, mounted on a Seeker Hercules spiral wrap custom, and brought it down to Miami a couple weeks back.

    Had the drag set at strike to 18#. 80# flouro leader (bimini to no-name). Jigged up a bunch of AJ's and almacos. Biggest fish was a 30+/- lb AJ. Fish did pulll some drag, but the reel handled it fine. I did have trouble stopping some unseen sharks, that were grabbing Almacos that I jigged up. What ever the sharks were, they would hit the hooked jack, and dump about 50-60yds before they bit through the fish.

    Im headed back down in January. Hoping some AJ's are still around. I would like to drop some blue runners down and get a 50 on the SX. My offshore season here at home is done, next year I hope to put a BFT on a jig, and a few sharks on this setup.

    I was impressed with the power of the Hercules rod, and equally impressed with the reel. The captain I was with (Double D), thought my gear was a little small when we first got there. He quickly changed his mind after seeing it in action. He even was telling another captain about the setup over the phone at one point. He thought the rod/reel had more power than his Alutecnos 30 on a roller guide 5'6" standup.............

    Whats the deal with posting pics here? Standard doesnt seem to be working..............
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    can you PM me some info on the captain you chartered.. Was it Capt. Dean Panos?

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    Yeah, it was Dean according to his report on another site!