Swell Rider..NC Report..06/22,23

Discussion in 'Offshore Fishing Reports' started by Swell Rider, Jun 24, 2009.

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    It feels great to have the boat back in action and alittle nice weather to boot..Yesterday I had Steve the Pirate and Kenndy out for a day on the big pond.. Alittle breezy but nothing to bad, first stop was on some live bottom we've been fishing around 35nm out of WB... It's a large area so we fished the offshore part, all the signs were there, Big Pinkies and Grunts but no Reds!! Just about to move when Kennedy lay's into a good one and at the same time my rod doubles over. two nice Reds in the box..For the next hour it was much of the same and then Steven comes tight and lands his first Red, it's nice to see a youg kid so excited about fishing.. All of our stops yielded fish, Grouper, Mahi, Sea Bass, Porgy's ect...I let the Pirate run the boat back to the inlet for alittle for alittle on the job training since he talks about running a boat someday...Kennedy was his usual self full of laughs and catching Grouper..

    Day two I had Kennedy again and Ben Malher from Florida, Ben runs a 72' sportfishing boat that travel's the world fishing..Ben was in town visiting family and wanted to do alittle Bottom Fishing..Today we fished inshore abit and to the East.. Great run out, No wind but rain on the horizon..It didn't seen to bother the fish because the Gags Bit on the first two spots well..Made a little run offshore to find a bunch of scamps and Red Grouper..These are a few spots that I haven't fished since last summer but it was good to see the quality of fish that were on each spot..Kennedy wound up catch his first American Red Snapper on this trip as well as his first Mahi...Hopefully we stay in this weather pattern for a whilebecause it feels good to get some work done..

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    you just ruined the life of that young kid! lol. he is doomed like the rest of us. haha. great fish!

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    Ya, he's hooked, plus for an extra few bucks he cleans the boat, not a bad deal...
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    Looks like a Torium 20 getting put to the test!! Great Job guys!
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    Looks like a great two days of fishing. I wish we had grouper days like that here in TX. I have a friend who lives in NC. Might be time to call him and use his spare bedroom...haha

    Isnt there some good tuna fishing there at times as well?
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    Lots of samiches!