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I brought the boat down to Wrightsville Beach after last weekends Mahi slaughter out of Atlantic Beach/MHC to do alittle bottom fishing with a couple groups that were coming in from NY and one from NC...It's always nice to fish close to home and have my own bed top sleep in at night instead of a friends couch or the back seat of the truck.
On 05/28,29 I had Will Kerr and his friend Kevin down from NY..Will has fished with me before so he new the game plan for the day. Broke the inlet at 5:30 and was greeted with flat calm seas, first stop 35nm to a ledge and live bottom that has been holding a bunch of fish lately..Once we figured out the anchor heading it was game on!! We started out pounding on some Big Pinkies and Sea Bass to get the action going on the bottom..After an hour and a box full it was time to start Grouper fishing..Will lays into a nice Gag right away, I have to say this kid has the feel very good fisherman. Kevin and I stuck with fishing Porgy's and Sea Bass but what we found were a bunch of small juvinial Amercan Red Snapper, Scamp Grouper and the smallest Red Grouper I have ever seen so when fisheries say's there not reproducing they need to rethink there science and thats all I say on that..Day two was a bit diffrent that nice stiff wind from the S.W blew all night and day making conditions less than favorable but we managed to put a decent catch together dispite the conditions and the late night out that the boys had at the "Crazy Horse" wonder what that place is!!!! Anyway always a pleasure to have Will and his friends out and Good Luck on the new JOB!!
Saturdays Trip I had Kevin K and his brothers out, I had high hopes but you can't always hit a HR everytime at bat and when your on the water as much you go right instead of going left sometimes but thats fishing..Started the day with a little inshore trolling around 38nm, 78 degree water and some flyers first line in blasted by a nice King around 15# nice way to start so I thought it was going to be on, wrong...Trolled for an hour after that nothing pulled them in and ran another 10 miles, first line in and it was cruched, dumped a bunch of line and came un buttoned. After frustation set in it was time to go to the bottom, no current were we were which made anchoring tuff so we had to drift. First drift there was plenty of action Pinkies, Sea Bass a keeper Gag Grouper a Mahi and a bunch of small Scamp Grouper and i mean a bunch..It was like these for the rest of the afternoon but it was a beautiful day on the water, a mixed bag of fish and a great group of guys..Sundays a lay day but were back at it Monday morning early...

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