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    Hit Masonboro Inlet around 6am greeted with another beautiful sunrise and a left over wind swell around 2-3' and tight. First few spots didn't show us much a few nice Sea Bass, Pinkies and Triggers . Kept working off to the East until I found some better bottom, it wasn't until afternoon that we got the grouper to fire off, it was a real mixed bag Red, Gags and Scamps all on Sardeens and Mackeral..The Sea Bass an the other hand were suicidal and it didn't matter how big the bait they were on it, which for someone like me who loves Sea Bass fishing is always a good thing..Had the Small Mahi around the boat all day, Steve the Pirate had fun messing with them keeping a few small ones for the grill.. Kennedy on the other hand was all business with the grouper as he always is. We worked hard today and our persistence payed off again putting a nice mixed bag catch together, with the fish box full the new bag limits didn't seem to make much of a diffrence to us there was more than enough fish for everyone. We all need to remember it's about having a good time on the water and getting away from the everyday B.S. whether you can keep 5 grouper, 3 grouper or no grouper!!!