SW of Destin 5/5/18

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    I fished with Chad and his son today. This is the first time in a while that we ran SW to areas short of the Big O, but first we had to hop bridge rubble spots to catch some live baits and then headed SW. Found a nice new spot on the way. We did a lot of fishing and not a whole lot of catching. Logan got the couple biggest AJ into the boat, we had a lot of pulled hooks jigging, came up with a chunk of meat on the assist hook once.

    No takers on the flat fall jigs today, AJ and a couple ARS on the speed jigs but the big producers were the Lucanus style jigs. I ended up loosing three of them and one was on the first drop. Some of the Shark bite offs were pretty good ones. I had a big live bait down, bowed up, got it off the bottom and then boom it was gone. Reeled up and it had taken the fish and snipped it off on the wind on leader above the bite leader taking the swivel and weight.

    I wanted to try the Synit Live bait on bigger fish to learn the feel of the rod so I dropped a 10 oz Lucanus jig on it and I hooked up twice, first one I didn't give it enough drag because of pulling hooks earlier and it crashed me into some bottom structure breaking me off. I put another one on and a few drops later hooked up again , felt like a decent fish and it turns out that this fish always angled to get under the boat. I never saw the fish but it cut me off in the props at the wind on leader.

    We dropped some big live baits, a couple free lined, caught more short AJ and I got a perfect circle hook corner of the jaw hook set on a big shark, ugh. Took bout 15 minutes or so to get it to the surface long enough to cut it off at the bite leader, I had to take a break after that. When the next shark hooked up we just broke it off and headed N to home.
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    Sounds like an exciting trip!