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What the he!!!!!!:eek:
I knew there was a little low pressure spot about 300nm off Tx.
What I didn't expect was to get home last nite & see a Cat-1
Hurricane hitting Galveston!
In a span of just over 50 hrs, this little storm increased to
hurricane strength. I guess it surprised everyone, because the
NOAA had no warnings up yesterday morning.
Looks like it made landfall around Port Arthur. weather never ceases
to amaze me.
Perspective; from about Redhawk to Galveston, weak depression to
Hurricane. blows my mind. Bet the fishing will pick up next week.....:D
tight lines
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Yeah, I just talked to my uncle on Bolivar.. he hasnt been out there to check for damage.. He still hasnt finished rebuilding from Rita.. That thing went from a group of thunderstorms to a hurricane in short order..
I'll tell you what, if we have to have a hurricane, that's the right kind to have!

And that was a surprise, I got to work yesterday morning and checked the weather and saw that they were talking about it possibly turning into a minimal hurricane or going inland, and possibly, back out over sea and re-developing. Friends at the state told me they had a 1 1/2-hr conference call for emergency response to the storm yesterday.

Tom - DBG
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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