Super Seeker max drag

Discussion in 'Rods and Rod Blanks' started by rebel, May 26, 2009.

  1. rebel

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    Does any1 know whats the max drag on Super Seeker model SS 970-7' spinning or SS 670-7'S
  2. Bellyups

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    I have a SS 970 and 870. The 870 has a soft tip. They both have a ton of backbone for their rated strength and should easily handle the max recocmmended line put to the full test. The 870 is rated 15-25 pound line and the 970 20-30 pound line. I am hoping to test the 870 on some bull dolphin this weekend.

  3. titan05

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    The line ratings for the rods are available online at Seeker rods.

    Max drag is not a question for the rod as much for the reel and/or the line test you are using. If you over fish any will bottom out and it doesn't matter what the "drag" is.
    Example ; If you fish a Seeker 270 and hook a 60 pound are screwed because you will never be able to get enough stick on that fish to turn his head. When your rod goes tip to butt and you have zero lift and it doesn't will know what I mean.

    Back to the 970 and the 670.

    My favorite rod is the 970.....more backbone than the 870 but has a soft tip. The 670 is a very stout rod that can be used to horse fish. I like the 6470 or 6470H better. I would ask what you are fishing for and how.

    I live in San Diego so my fishing may be a bit different than what you are doing but I do fish Seeker Rods ( Super Seeker ) and have about 2 or 3 dozen so if you have a question.........feel free to ask