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I have fished the slightly shorter CTSF60XXH for a few years now and really love it. I use an SST-30 on mine spooled with jb spectra backing and 80lb topshot. It is setup as an all roller rod. I use it as you describe, trolling and 80lb chunk. It would handle 100lb but that is it's top range, if I were to be building a rod for that category I'd probably choose the XXXH as Savage and Txseadog recommend.

Txseadog does great work, you can't go wrong with him building you a rod. I probably would have pestered him for mine if he had been building them when I had mine built.

Ok, now question time of my own...I've been happy with my Blacksteels (still am, will be till they break)...I've read the retail jargon on the super seekers and I imagine this question has been asked over and over (but hey, I've not been around to read it) - just exactly how differently do the Super Seekers fish compared to the Blacksteels?

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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