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Super Seeker Help

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I have a Avet pro EXW 30/2 reel on order. This reel and the rod I pick for this will be used for trolling and chunk bait. I will be fishing primarily from Piepunchers boat till I get my offshore rig and from private charters when I go offshore with you guys. I am thinking a 80-130# all roller super seeker but not sure what length I should get. Any suggestions? Also I prefer to have a custom rod done anyone have suggestions on who I can contact. I already contacted TXseadog and I he will but if he wont make me one I need other suggestions. Wanting to get the ball rolling on this as soon as possible. Thanks in advance.
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I have the same reel paired with a SS CTSF63XXH. If you are going to be fishing from private boats this would be a good blank. You don't want one much shorter due to outbaords hanging from the transom. You need enough legnth to get around them when fighting a fish. I also got turbo guides instead of rollers and so far I am pleased. There are lots of guys that wrap rods including a few on this board. I will let them speak for themselves in regards of what they can do for you.
i had the brother rod to Popes, before I sold it to aquire new electronics for my bass boat. I hated to do it, but couldnt pass the offer on teh Hunninbird 987Si-brand new for $850 full factory warranty....

I will have another one built again one day- the rod was supurb, and the builder did an excellent job as always!! TxSeaDog!!
As an FYI, the Super Seeker CTSF63XXH is rated 60-100#. You'll want the CTSF63XXXH for 80-130#. Great blank.
As an FYI, the Super Seeker CTSF63XXH is rated 60-100#. You'll want the CTSF63XXXH for 80-130#. Great blank.

Don is 100% correct. The XXXH is a beast and I would only suggest that blank to someone that has a good bit of experience and knows exactly what and why they want it.
I have fished the slightly shorter CTSF60XXH for a few years now and really love it. I use an SST-30 on mine spooled with jb spectra backing and 80lb topshot. It is setup as an all roller rod. I use it as you describe, trolling and 80lb chunk. It would handle 100lb but that is it's top range, if I were to be building a rod for that category I'd probably choose the XXXH as Savage and Txseadog recommend.

Txseadog does great work, you can't go wrong with him building you a rod. I probably would have pestered him for mine if he had been building them when I had mine built.

Ok, now question time of my own...I've been happy with my Blacksteels (still am, will be till they break)...I've read the retail jargon on the super seekers and I imagine this question has been asked over and over (but hey, I've not been around to read it) - just exactly how differently do the Super Seekers fish compared to the Blacksteels?

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