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  1. left keport nj at midnight on saturday hit the gloryhole area around 4am sea were nice, of course as soon as we got out of the cabin it statred to rain...rained for about an hour or so...we drifted for about 2 hours with nothing..we picked up and ran a few more miles east to a small fleet working a mile from a wreck...we anchored up and started chuming with butterfish chunks. five minutes later a white marlin came up about 50 yards from the boat and waved his bill at us but would not hit a ballyhoo i tossed to him..about ten minutes later the reels started screaming..we were hooked up i grabbed the first rod and locked up the fish...i fought him for about 10 min then the line went slack.... @#$$%$%#%# i was not so happy lol....the leader popped.....we reset everything and 0 more min or so we were on friend lenny from pa grabbed the rod and he was on....he fought the fish for about 2o min....after a few scares with the fish in the motor i gaffed the first fish of the day 50 inches and about 60 or so the next hour we had on five more and landed one small fish 45 inches and had 3 more up to the boat..... we had our fill everyone on board got to fight i fish or we trolled in hooking up one mahi... another great day out deep...

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    Great report, what type of knot did you use?

  3. Great report, what type of knot did you use?
    i am not sure who set that rod up but after it popped o tied a polamar knot and had no other problems