Summer time tuna out of LA question

Discussion in '360 Degrees Lounge' started by Mitchw123456, Apr 21, 2007.

  1. Mitchw123456

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    After work getting in the way of me being able to make a lump trip this year I want to try to head over to LA sometime in mid July. I have always heard about overnighters during the summer but not much during the day. The reason I ask is I'm bringing my dad along and he doesn't really want to do the overnighter as he said "he can't see in the dark." Is the tuna bite pretty good during the day or is it a strictly night time thing? Also, a plus to the day trip is the price, but is the extra $400-500 a boat worth the overnighter? Thanks!
  2. Bret

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    I have a fairly limited experience offshore of La, but on the GEM trip a couple of years ago, in may if I remember correctly, the tuna bite seemed to be from sunset to sunrise.. it would vary throughout the night. If you are targeting tuna exclusively, then I would spend the extra for the overnight. if you are going for hoos, dorado, etc, then a daytrip would be in order.. thats my.02

  3. Grescobia

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    Went in may last year and the tuna were jumping out of the water all day . we fished two days it was the same both days. Last year GEM trip had the tuna in sight of the boat all night long. Summer is great for yft .Fish are a little smaller in size but lots of them
  4. Be Young

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    I have fished 2 day trips out of Venice with Capt Eddie. First was November, big fish jumping everywhere all day long. Second was end of May fish jumping all day but smaller, 30 -50lbs.
  5. gman

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    we had a blast with them on a 2 day trip recently and caught alot of fish as well