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    Well if you want to catch a Big AJ you better show up with a 80 or 130 or they won't even let you try dropping big live bait. I had a B2-30 upgraded to the Dawg's with a Calstar 60-unlimitedAR and they would only let live bait on the 80 and 130. You want to talk about drag that 130... HOLY SHIT 50-70lbs... It was awesome to see how's it's done by experienced Capt willing to teach me a greenhorn. After that big AJ he let me on the 130 on a lay down rig. He said go to 80' cuz the rig is at 100'

    I went down but too far got Fuvk up in the rig.


    Sharpie (deckhand) actually peel off a foot at a time and counted to 80. I will do that from now on. Also, the rig they use is a xxxxh like supa grander black Marlin shit. But I saw a AJ pull drag on a 130 at 50lbs of drag. I was like HOLY F

    Thank god the Capt has been there done that so he calmed the situation cuz i was screaming reel reel reel reel. Capt was saying that's ok let him take drag he won't take much at 50-60lbs. The rod was anchored to the boat with back up straps incase it broke the rod holder :)

    Custom Accurate ATD 80 here I come :D
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    That AJ prob went over 60lbs.. I just say 60 cuz I don't want to be THAT GUY :D

    but it swallowed a 3lb chub and proceeded to spanked our AZZ

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    Went out this morning but the weatherman man was wrong. 2-3's my azz. More like 5-6's stacked. So we ran east not tooo far and I dropped a jig down. It didn't drop but like 100'.. Lol

    I then tried sabiki rig to get a big live bait to drop to the bottom but I couldn't get a bite. On sibiki... So that set the tone it seemed.

    I tried king rigs to casting ronZ for cobia. Nada

    We totaled 8 Atlantic sharp nose for the entire day. That's it!

    It was tuff out there today :)

    At least I didn't loose any jigs this time. Going out tomorrow hopefully deeper so I'll post a full report.
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    Today we made the 4hr trip South

    It paid off big time with several cobia and lots of kings. Bee's were there but you had to down size to get away from those endangered ARS. I found a sibiki rig tipped with squid produced every drop. Tossed out a drift line and whammm.. Short strike..

    I tied on iron and proceeded to burn my arm's off. Second cast produced a 25lb King. My first King burning iron :) I ended up catching 7 with 3 that pulled the hook. It's prob the most fun I've had casting iron.

    I was dropping a freight train down for a AJ when I see Cabannaboy come to the bow. He had a smoker King on his spinner setup. After a battle it looked with the ancor rope the smoker was gaffed. Nice work man!!

    Plenty of action if you knew how to catch them. Lots were seasick or just sitting there with drop lines so you could do whatever.

    Now to the reason I was here.. Big AJ's. We ran to a lay over rig the Capt dropped a livey on his 130. And WHAMMMM

    I got 5-6 cranks then POW!

    When I reeled up it looked like a pig's tail. So bad knot I assume

    Sure had a great time out there and it was fun fishing with cabannaboy.

    Next time I'll get me a big AJ
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