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    Since others seem to be where I am in figuring out my first heavy jigging stick.... I thought I could maybe get a newer DVD that would show some examples of components, etc. to give me ideas. Apparantly none exists so ....
    why not have a show and tell area under gallery for a collection of members rigs, mentioning specs, components, performance, use, etc. It would strongly benefit the professionals and drive some sales and also help those considering doing it themselves.

    What say you.

    Many thanks to all that have chimed in to help me. When I spend bucks, I do my homework first!

    I have built rods in an earlier life when Clemmons first wrote the first book on the subject, but heavy jigging is another whole world, components are very different, etc. so it seems a little daunting.
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    thanks for sharing dude!______________________________Your forever friend lifts you up in spirits and makes that dark and empty wow gold world suddenly seem bright and full.
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    lmao, Paul has an internet lover.
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    We need this gamer banned