Striper reel for schoolie YFT?

Discussion in 'Reels' started by Ratherbfishing, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. Ratherbfishing

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    Does any one have a ocean master 10000 from bass pro shop? I used mine for fishing stripers the reel has 11 bearings, with 6 washer drag that are smooth on runs from 12lb + stripers . I love the distance they cast. Would anyone of you consider using it for a back up for throwing poppers to the schoolies?
  2. lite-liner

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    in a word- No. remember 100# YFT's run in schools, too
    Then again, If it can hold 20# fighting drag smoothly, (100 y at a time)
    w/ 400y cap./80# braid, the only thing left to blow up is the
    gearing, or the graphite frame (a-la TLD):eek:
    Blackfin, Mahi, Kings, yeah. From what I gather, avg. "schoolie" YFT's
    we find in the Gulf are 40-60#, maybe a couple before it breaks.
    Don't make the same mistake as me. these "bargain" reels don't
    Break @ the dock, or in your closet. Save your $$ & get into an Avet.
    or Buy a used TLD-30/2sp or 501 Jigmaster & trick it out w/ custom parts.
    either way, costs you about the same. just my opinion, probably wrong
    tight lines

  3. Ratherbfishing

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    Brian thanks for the input :D . Are we talking about the spinning reel or the bait casting version:eek: ? The spinning reel are very new to the market. Bass pro shop claims they can handle braids for sailfish very effectivly.

    Check out the reel.
    Offshore Angler Ocean Master 10000 Spinning Reel
  4. Snagged

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    Sailfish are NOT what can be called hard fighters or tough in the GOM, so your comparrison is not very good.
    Let other people test who have money to waste on junk, then buy what works.
  5. MrBill

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    Let other people test who have money to waste on junk, then buy what works.


    That's a great quote. I think the big problem here is when money is an issue, those big warehouse brand reels start talking to people. I always try to buy the best quality I can on everything from fishing gear to electronics. Sometimes the best of us become suckers.

    Last January I went with my wife and another couple to Cabela's in Buda just to mess around. Nothing turned me on until I got into the bargain cave. Cabela's has a line of spinning reels they branded made by Dawia. The line is called "Prodigy". It's their top of the line. They had a stack of the 2500 size that were marked down from 109.00 to 49.99. I took one out of the box and played with it. It just looked like to good of a deal so I placed a half dozen in my cart. We meet up with the girls at the restaurant upstairs. My wife saw those 6 reels in my basket. She made a comment like "Those are going to become six dust magnets". Guess what. They are still sitting in a closet un-opened.


    Just keep using the reel for stripers. Those YF's will destroy that reel in short order.
  6. Ratherbfishing

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    Awesome follow up Mrbill! Thanks for chimming in brian and snagged. I might just try that reel sometime if the bft are wide open or ill just leave them at the docks and save that space for more lures. Either way I would like to see these reel put to the test.
  7. Snagged

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    I found that I could fish cheap by buying what works and trying different rigs that others have bought on various boats to find what works for me.
    My standard advice for newbies is Penn 4/0 (50#), Penn 6/0 (80#) and some kind of 30 pound rig as these will cover 90% of saltwater fishing.
    Now if they are serious they want to look at Tiagra's in 16, 30LRSW and 50LRSW.
  8. SkeeterRonnie

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    if money is the object- go with the Shimano Spheros 14000FA for those schoolies.. they run around $128 with the drag washers(get them from SMOoOTH DRAG *** Can Stop Anything *** -talk to Dawn). I dont trust anything that is made by BPS (as far as reels go).... not even thier freshwater bass reels.....
  9. Spinning Reel

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    My Okuma Salina 80 (all metal and max drag over 60lb :eek: ) handled this outta a school without sweatin':
  10. fishr1989

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    How much 65lb braid can you fit on it?

    do you know the max drag of the VSystem 80?