Stradic FK Line Roller Bearing Replacement Help

Discussion in 'Reel Repair' started by Bohdisattva, Oct 6, 2016.

  1. Bohdisattva

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    Hello Fellow Members-

    So, I've upgraded most of my wife's Shimano Stradic C3000HGFK bearings, but I've read that the actually line roller part has a pressed in bearing. So, is their way to get into it and upgrade the bearing? I'm afraid of pushing or pulling the thing apart and ruining it where I have to purchase a new line roller.

    If its possible, could you folks tell me in detail on how to do it or better yet, a step by step picture tutorial.

    Thanks to all those who took the time to read and especially those who replied.

  2. phuongph

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    I think the Stradic is similar to the Stradic CI4+, please double check. I only have CI4+.

    I just replaced 3 line roller on 3 of my CI4+ 3000 and 4000, super easy. I know two options:
    1. Buy the roller bearing only from ereplacementparts (Search part # RD10000 - [email protected]@com/line-roller-p-1542293.html - replace @ with . to get the correct link) They say that the part is OEM.
    2. If you want to upgrade the knob too, here is the option (search on Ebay for "Gomexus Power Knob for Shimano Stradic 1000-4000" - I cannot post a link yet)
    This knob has one extra ball bearing - it fits the CI4+ 3000/4000 line roller bearing. I don't know about the quality but it works very well for me.

  3. avet4life

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    FK model have press in bearing, you would have to get the new roller from shimano ,, they are about 6-$8 each ,,